OEA PAC is OEA’s political action committee (PAC) – made up every OEA member who makes a voluntary contribution. Together with The NEA Fund for Children and Public Education, it allows you to combine your investment with thousands of other members to elect lawmakers who care about public education as much as we do.

How can my contribution of $100 make a difference?

Over 10,000 of your fellow members have taken the challenge and give between $25 and $150 to OEA PAC every year. This makes OEA PAC one of the largest PACs in the state, giving recommended candidates over $800,000 in each of the last two elections.

Don’t membership dues already pay for this?

No. Dues don’t support candidates running for elected office. OEA/NEA involvement in these political campaigns are funded solely through voluntary contributions from members.

Your contribution to OEA PAC is eligible for the Oregon Political Tax Credit!

Help us build a better future today.

Contribute via Payroll Deduction

(Preferred for OEA Members)

Contribute via Credit Card

(One-Time or Recurring Donations)