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Black Lives Matter

We are fighting against a long history of racism and oppression. Now is the time to become actively anti-racist.

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What We Work For

Empowering Educators

Educators deserve ensure strong, fair contracts with school districts and employers so they can focus on what they do best - educating students.

Safe and Inclusive Classrooms

Disrupted learning is a crisis. Students arrive to school with intense unmet needs that we can’t solve alone. We’re working to find solutions.

Student Success Act

It’s time for Oregon schools to have the resources they need for students to succeed. The Student Success Act marks a turning point for Oregonians.

Equity For All

Each student and educator, whether black, brown, or white, must have every opportunity to be the best they can be.

Professional Growth

Providing and connecting educators to opportunities for continuing education in our professions to best serve students.


COVID-19 and Our Schools

Protecting the health and wellness of students, educators, and families during the COVID-19 pandemic remains the top priority of our organization. Turn to this page for updated information on your rights as an Oregon educator during a health crisis and questions on the reopening of our schools next Fall.