Oregon Council for Education Support Professionals (OCESP)

Oregon Council for Education Support Professionals (OCESP)

The Oregon Council for Education Support Professionals is a lobbying organization formed to ensure that the voices of Educational Support Professionals (ESP), or classified employees, within the Oregon Education Association (OEA) are heard.


In the early days of the OEA, classified employees belonged to a separate organization called the Oregon Association of Classified Employees (OACE). This organization was a sister to the OEA. Although classified members attended many OEA trainings, OACE and OEA were separate organizations. Through much thought, discussion, and work of the leaders of both organizations, a merger was proposed and accepted. When this merger occurred the ESP members were guaranteed a united voice along with at-large directors on the OEA Board of Directors and the OEA PAC Board. We then changed to a Council and officially became the Oregon Council of Education Support Professionals (OCESP). We also have the distinction of being one of the first in the National Education Association (NEA) to refer to ourselves as professionals, reflecting the dedication we bring to our various jobs.

Upcoming Events

OCESP Conference

If you have never attended an OCESP Board meeting, please consider doing so! It is a great chance to network with other local leaders and share concerns, so together we can address them within the OEA structure. Contact OCESP Chair Matthew Reed for upcoming meeting dates and opportunities.

OCESP Leadership

During the OCESP Representative Assembly, officers are elected to represent ESP membership in the state. These officers serve a two-year term. Regional Representatives are voted in at the OCESP RA; these elections are held in alternating years to ensure continuity.

Matthew Reed

OCESP Vice Chair
Nicki Belnap

Laura Warren

Jill Schmitt

OCESP Regional Directors

Eastern: Angie Leonetti
Nicki Belnap
Cheri Howard
Michael Coleman
North Valley:
Doris Jared