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Take Action on the Student Success Act

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May 8th


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A Crisis of Disrupted Learning

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Tips for Success with Students

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It’s the start of a new school year! Consider these tips as you work with students to build strong and effective relationships.

Before problems arise:

  • Get to know your students. This will help you anticipate problem situations.
  • Show courtesy to every student and display trust and confidence in each one.
  • Teaching strategies reinforce your mutually respectful relationship with your students.
  • Give clear directions.
  • Make learning interesting and relevant to the students’ lives.
  • Establish no more than five classroom rules and be sure to consistently enforce them.
  • Be fully prepared.
  • Begin class on time and in a businesslike manner.
  • Let the students know you care. Show interest in what students say, whether or not it pertains directly to the lesson.
  • Keep your voice at a normal level.
  • Grade assignments and return them as soon as possible.
  • Make sure all students can easily see you when you are presenting information. Place screens and instructional displays where everyone can see.
  • Diversion and restructuring are great tools. When one activity has gone too long, students get bored and restless. An alert educator anticipates trouble and changes her/his strategy even if it requires some flexibility in scheduling.
  • When doing group work, intentionally group students to avoid conflict or troublemaking.
  • Provide hurdle help when a student is stuck on a task or concept. Try providing an explanation or a “hint” that enables the student to move forward.