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Anti-Worker Organizers are Targeting Union Members

Aggressive anti-union efforts are happening around the nation…

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2018 TELL Survey

TELL Survey Shows Areas of Promise, and Concern Oregon educators…

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Disrupted Learning Town Hall Forums

Spring 2018

Right now, many of our students are entering our classrooms not…

Introducing Today’s OEA digital magazine!

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Today’s OEA is the quarterly member publication of the OEA; we strive to create rich, interesting content that is relevant to the broad diversity of our membership. This school year, we are excited to officially launch the digital version of Today's OEA at todaysoea.org, a sister website to the OEA! Our digital magazine will include all of the content you receive in the print publication, with the addition of more photos, more stories, and some video!

With the launch of Today’s OEA Online, you can access our magazine content on the go; you'll find more frequent updates to news stories and more opportunities to highlight the incredible work our members do every day across Oregon. Check it out today! 

We welcome ideas and article suggestions from our members to be included in the magazine. If you have an idea for a story in Today’s OEA, send your suggestion to our Editor, Meg Krugel