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A Crisis of Disrupted Learning

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ESP Leaders for Tomorrow program

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Calling dedicated Education Support Professionals! The OEA Union School is now accepting applications for its ESP Leaders for Tomorrow program, an ongoing course that trains both current and future ESP leaders to become visible, vocal advocates at the local, state and national levels of OEA/NEA. 

What is OEA ESP Leaders for Tomorrow?

OEA Leaders for Tomorrow program is 4-day deep learning opportunity that is open to dues paying OEA ESP members who meet the program’s eligibility requirements.   Candidates must be recommended for the program and have their application acknowledged and signed by the Oregon Education Association President/Vice-President or their Local President.

What Will I Learn?

The program will cover elements and resources on the following: Self Awareness and Self Management, Risk Taking and Change, Assertiveness, Communication, Resilience and Coping Skills, Political Activism, OEA Governance and Structure, Trade Unionism, Presentation Skills, Organizing, Strategic Planning and Effective Meeting Skills. Participants in the program will:

  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses and learn how to utilize them as a leader
  • Build skills in areas such as communication skills, organizing and recruitment, team building and presentation skills
  • Learn how to use the structure, resources, culture and work of OEA/NEA effectively as a leader
  • Learn how to engage members in politics
  • Learn the history and importance of trade unionism
  • Learn how to run an effective meeting
  • Learn how to use the art of powerful questions
  • Identify their risk-taking style and risks leaders face
  • Learn internal and external organizing skills
  • Learn how to communicate effectively and how to make a presentation.
  • Learn how to think and act strategically

How do I apply?

Download our PDF application, save a copy to your computer, and fill it out electronically. Hard-copy applications will also be accepted. You may mail or email your completed application to:

Susan Crumpton
Assistant Executive Director
OEA Union School
2815 Coburg Road
Eugene, Or 97408