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Cuts to educators’ benefits pass the House, move on to the Governor

Dear OEA Members,   Today the Oregon House of Representatives…

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Take Action on the Student Success Act

Legislature releases historic education investment proposal,…

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May 8th


Educator Story Project

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Your stories matter. They need to be heard. That's the message OEA delivered to our policy makers throughout the 2017 Legislative Session, with our collective "Story of the Day" project. Across the state - in every House District - OEA members took brave steps to talk about the realities they face every day in their classrooms and worksites. The 56 seventh graders they teach. The 1 minute and 45 seconds they have to spend on each individual student every day. The daily grind of grading papers in the cafeteria and lugging teaching supplies from room to room, due to overcrowding.  

Through this story project, educators also share the deep passion they have for this work. One member, who teaches in the teen parent program in South Lane, wrote:

"The teen parent program is the whole reason I became an educator. I was a teen parent, and I was also a homeless teen parent. I personally understand how essential these programs are and how having access to wrap-around services is absolutely necessary for many of the students I work with."

Every day last legislative session, your OEA lobby team hand-delivered a new Story of the Day to every legislator's office in the State Capitol. Sometimes, we were fortunate to have our own members personally deliver their story. OEA member Tony Ramos (pictured), who teaches in Woodburn, hand-delivered his story to his Representative, Rep. Teresa Alonso Leon, on Tuesday, May 16.

Read all of our Educator Stories from th 2017 legislative session on our Medium blog and on Instagram.