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Anti-Worker Organizers are Targeting Union Members

Aggressive anti-union efforts are happening around the nation…

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2018 TELL Survey

TELL Survey Shows Areas of Promise, and Concern Oregon educators…

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Disrupted Learning Town Hall Forums

Spring 2018

Right now, many of our students are entering our classrooms not…

Become an RA Delegate!

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Do you want to make a difference for Oregon students? Do you want to build on the future of OEA? You can, as a delegate to this year's OEA Representative Assembly.

Join your voice to the collective power of more than 700 delegates who shape the future of OEA every April. Local Associations are currently in the process of building their roster of delegates, and now's your time to join in. 

Contact your local leaders for more information about becoming a delegate to the 2018 OEA-RA. For more information about the event, go here.