Trauma Informed Care

"Research now shows that trauma can undermine children’s ability to learn, form relationships, and function appropriately in the classroom. Schools, which are significant communities for children, and teachers—the primary role models in these communities—must be given the supports they need to address trauma’s impact on learning. Otherwise, many children will be unable to achieve their academic potential, and the very laudable goals of education reform will not be realized. Trauma-sensitive school environments benefit all children— those whose trauma history is known, those whose trauma will never be clearly identified, and those who may be impacted by their traumatized classmates. Together, we can ensure that all children will be able to achieve at their highest levels despite whatever traumatic circumstances they may have endured." (Helping Traumatized Children Learn, Massachusetts Advocates for Children). 

Contact OEA's Center for Great Public Schools for more information about OEA's work on Educating the Whole Student: How Trauma-Informed Practices Help Students Thrive.

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