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PERS Resources

The Future of the Public Employee Retirement System

Have general questions about your individual PERS account?

  • Go here for general information the Public Employee Retirement System.
  • If you are a PERS member (either currently retired or still working), go here to information and resources for PERS members (including FAQs, educational sessions, request for data verification, and forms and publications).
  • To access your individual PERS account online, go here (if you haven’t already, you’ll need to create a new online account).

If you are having an issue with your PERS account that requires an advocate, please contact your personal attorney or retirement advisor. 

PERS Litigation Disclaimer

The PERS Litigation website was prepared to provide general information about the PERS cases Bennett, Hartman, Morris & Kaplan, LLP is handling on behalf of individual members of public sector labor unions participating in the PERS Coalition, a group organized to protect the pension interests of their members. This website does not, and is not intended to, provide legal advice. Neither transmission nor receipt of information contained in this website will create an attorney-client relationship, and Bennett, Hartman, Morris & Kaplan, LLP does not represent you based on your visit or review of this website.

Do you have questions about how recent PERS litigation impacts you?

Given the great number of PERS participants impacted by PERS litigation, we cannot respond to individual questions about PERS issues or about how current litigation may impact individual rights. Finally and most importantly, if you have questions about your individual rights or need legal advice we strongly urge you to contact an attorney who can review your personal issues and circumstances and provide advice about your legal rights. If you do not have an attorney you can call the Oregon State Bar’s referral service (503) 684-3763, which can suggest an attorney in your area.

Are you a PERS retiree who has moved out of state?

The Oregon Legislation made changes to PERS that impact out-of-state retirees. Please go here for more detail