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Educator-Led Improvement Toolkit

As an organization, we believe that all students, regardless of zip code, deserve a quality education that inspires their natural curiosity, imagination and desire to learn. Turning this vision into a reality requires teamwork and a dedication to change at the local level where those who know students the best – educators in classrooms and communities – lead the way. The Every Student Succeeds Act, passed in December 2015, provides the opportunity for educators to reclaim decision making for our schools, students, and communities.

The OEA Center for Great Public Schools has developed a toolkit to help local teams raise up the voices and vision of educators to use ESSA to advocate for the schools our students deserve. The toolkit includes resources to understand the basics of ESSA, assess local member engagement, recruit a diverse team of members, conduct a school district opportunity audit to identify gaps, and devise a plan for educator-led school improvement. This is also an opportunity to engage members who otherwise would not take on a more traditional union role.

The toolkit is organized into six sections. Click on each title to access the documents.

We have developed this toolkit because we believe that if we define the qualities of a great public school and what our communities need in order to build those schools, then our students will find success and we have more power to advocate at the local, state and federal level for the resources we need to truly help our students thrive.

The OEA Center for Great Public Schools can support your local association in using this toolkit and creating an organizing plan or implementing ESSA in your district, please contact:

Karen Hoffman, Professional Practice Organizer: 503-364-8612
Andrea Shunk, Education Policy & Practice Strategist:  503-495-2110
OEA Center for Great Public Schools at 503-495-2135 or