Supporting Educators in Teaching Required Equity Standards

If you feel you have faced public attack over your professional teaching of equity standards, your union will provide necessary support to remedy the situation on your behalf. Begin by reaching out to any of the following:

» Your local Association President or UniServ Consultant:
» The OEA PA Response Team:

You can either fill out a PA Report Form or be interviewed so we can begin with the full picture of the specific incident.

At both the local and state level, your case will be collectively assessed so that we can coordinate supports that center you.

Every incident and individual will be different so there is NO one-size-fits-all remedy for a public attack. Your OEA team will work to explore supports that keep you protected, and fit both your situation and your desires.

Supporting Educators in Teaching Required Equity Standards

Examples of incidences that should be reported through the OEA Coordinated PA Response Team: (not an inclusive list)

  • You were a presenter at a district/campus equity summit and part of your presentation has gone public and you are being specifically targeted by parents, unknown individuals or groups, local or national organizations, etc.
  • A recording of part of your lesson or a homework assignment aligned with equity standards (Tribal History/Shared History, Ethnic Studies, Holocaust Education, etc.) has gone viral in the community and you are being specifically targeted.
  • Your social justice work for OEA or outside of your place of employment has been publicly targeted and it is now negatively impacting the workplace.
  • Your curriculum has been specifically requested in a public record request.
  • Your name and place of work are specifically being called out in a negative public targeting campaign.
  • Your name and your equity work appeared on the Parents Defending Education map and harassment by trolls has ensued.