Current Legislative Session

Current Legislative Session

Education Session: Big change for our students

The 2019 legislative session made history and OEA members helped write that history. By showing up to Salem in unprecedented numbers,by testifying, by calling, by sending emails and attending local town halls, we were able to drive a pro-student, pro-educator agenda that will positively affect public education and the lives of our students for decades to come. We were able to pass the vast majority of our legislative agenda this year and invest an unprecedented $2 billion into Oregon public schools.

At the same time, there were some difficult losses and unfinished business. PERS retirement benefits will be reduced until the pension system is better funded. While the original reductions were much more severe, no educator deserves to face retirement reductions. That’s why we will be fighting back in court and at the bargaining table against those cuts.

Our union is 44,000 strong. By standing together we made our voices heard for our students. By staying united we ensure we will have a seat at the table as all the legislation we supported is implemented and in legislative sessions to come.


  • Historic level of investment and support for public education, including:
    • $2 billion in targeted funds which will lower class sizes, hire educators, restore critical programs, invest in mental health supports, create the largest expansion of free lunches in the nation, and so much more!
    • Secured stable budgets for pre-K through higher education
  • New supports for students and educators dealing with disrupted learning including mental health programs, creating programs to reduce teen suicide, and updating laws to protect students and educators
  • Restored healthcare benefits for educators
  • Paid family and medical leave for all Oregonians