Resources for K-12 Educators

OEA's Center for Great Public Schools has vetted and compiled a list of resources to support our members in each teaching classification, and on some specific content areas. We are in the early stages of putting this list together - please check back daily for new updates to each category. If you have resources to share for consideration, please email our Center for Great Public Schools at

Elementary (K-5)

  • Inside SEL Social and Emotional Learning:
    Daily activities for parents and students to use during school closures that focus on social and emotional learning. Also includes additional resources for teachers and parents on self-care; diversity, equity and inclusion; and ways for parents to engage students during school closures.
  • Digital Literacy Lessons: How to teach students digital and civil literacy skills as they begin to navigate online learning.
  • Just for Kids: A Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus
    This NPR link takes you to a comic book and brief podcast explaining the virus for K-12 students. The visuals are fun and helpful for kids to read as they learn about the virus.
    Just For Kids: A Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus (via NPR)
  • Daily Lessons from Scholastic: Even when schools are closed, you can keep the learning going with these special cross-curricular journeys. Every day includes four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video. Kids can do them on their own, with their families, or with their teachers. Just find your grade level and let the learning begin!
  • Teaching Remotely for Grades K-12 (via Scholastic)

Middle School

High School

  1. For Teachers and Families-- The Oregon Writing Project: The website allows access to materials written by Oregon educators often on topics centered on social and racial justice. Go to Teaching Materials and filter by genre, grade level, type of resource, and subject. The "Discussion" resources are great for sparking in person or online discussions for students. Adapt other materials for online learning.
  2. For students in AP courses or any student looking for a challenge: Fiveable is a social learning platform for AP students to learn together through live reviews, live trivia games, and study guides. Fiveable has specific resources for students and for teachers.
  3. Mental health matters!: Oregon students explore a variety of mental health topics in the Talk2BeWell podcast episodes of the Future of Health podcast. Find the podcasts on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Special Education

  1. Council for Exceptional Children: free webinar - Teaching Special Education Online During COVID-19 (recording available Fri. 3/20)
  2. FAQ - Legal FAQs on Coronavirus, School Closings, and Special Education
    1. USDE Guidance: pdf - Questions and Answers on Providing Services to Children with Disabilities During the Coronavirus (this is the actual guidance so I think it is important for educators to have access to it, but it is not really a fun read, so I included the Legal FAQ above as a more consumable version)
    2. Disability Scoop: article - Ed Department Offers More Special Education Guidance Amid COVID-19
  3. article - Video and Distance Learning: 6 Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Best Practices
  4. FACT Oregon: website - resources for parents/families of students with disabilities during COVID-19: Free Webinars & Facebook Group Livestream for support (Wednesday at 2p and Fridays at 10a)

Trauma-Informed Practices

Dr. Bruce Perry, the leader in trauma informed education, is offering a series of webinars on trauma-informed issues. Dr. Perry is also holding "office hours," where he takes questions and has links to recordings of the office hours he's done so far. The trainings average 15-20 minutes each. Go to to find more.

Aspiring Educators

OEA Foundation Grant:The OEA Foundation was founded and is supported by union members to help provide financial support for Oregon students’ basic and essential needs. Due to the extraordinary financial pressures felt across the state because of the spread of COVID-19, the Foundation is temporarily changing its guidelines to allow OEA members who are NEA Aspiring Educators experiencing financial needs due to COVID-19 to apply for financial support from the Foundation. The Foundation is a small program, and grants are only for $100, but the Foundation encourages any student who needs support for food, rent or utility costs to use this unique members-only benefit.

Oregon Job Fair:

The job fair has been cancelled. The organizers have promised to be in touch with those of you who registered to send out a candidate manual to support you as you look for jobs for the 2020/21 school year. You can read the message they sent out here.

Below are some NEA links that can help you prepare your resume and get ready for interviews if you are looking for positions in the upcoming school year.

Resume Writing

Interview Preparation

How to Use Technology

General Well-being, Mental Health Resources

Collaborating for Student Success - Labor-Management Collaboration Resources

NEA: Quick Start to Collaborating in a Crisis, Collaborating in a Crisis Guide Apr. 2, and additional resources for Collaborating for Student Success

Links to Other Resources

Parent & Family Resources

  1. EdSurge: 10 ways families can bring SEL home
  2. FACT Oregon: website - resources for parents/families of students with disabilities during COVID-19: Free Webinars & Facebook Group Livestream for support (Wednesday at 2p and Fridays at 10a)
  3. Teach Plus: The Importance Of Connecting With Students & Families During School Closures

Community & Parent Resources