Share Your Distance Learning Story

OEA believes in the value of sharing educators' experiences from around the state with each other as a way to promote best practices, innovation, and to make connections across our broader collective. Additionally, the stories of our experiences with students and families can inform a broader audience, including local and state policy makers.

We want to hear from you! Specifically, we want to share your experiences on:

  • What is working for you to connect with all your students?
  • What is working for you to provide a sense of care for your students?
  • Do you have any materials (a student contact sheet, a student tracking tool, a slide deck, a letter, syllabus, etc.) you would be willing to share?
  • Describe a try-fail-try cycle. (e.g. what did you learn from something that didn’t work but you improved upon?)
  • Describe a method you are working on to care for, connect with, or guide ongoing learning.
  • Share an artifact or tool that your grade level, team, department, building or institution is using to connect with students.
Share Your Distance Learning Story
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