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OEA Relief Fund for Community College Members

In response to the financial hardship the COVID pandemic has caused for many community college educators, OEA has authorized disaster relief payments from the OEA Relief Fund.

The OEA Relief Fund is funded by members’ contributions for the purposes of member support during strikes, school closures and lock outs, and natural disasters. While OEA has successfully advocated for the majority of our members to continue to be paid during this unprecedented time of school closures and social distancing due to COVID-19, some membership categories have not had their salary kept whole.

This application is for Community College OEA members in the following membership categories who have lost salary as a result of COVID-19: community college part-time faculty, community college classified staff.


  • Must be a member of OEA as of March 2, 2020
  • Funding request is allowed for up to $1,000
  • Funding requests must be due to a COVID-19 loss of salary, and funding must be in following categories: rent, mortgage, utility bills, food/sundries, medical expenses, childcare
  • Application must include documentation substantiating the financial request and COVID-19 related salary loss
  • Relief Fund funds will be deposited electronically
  • Receipt and any unused funds must be sent back to OEA within 30 days of receiving relief funds

To fully qualify, the member must complete all three steps:

1. Submit online application, including two types of documentation: a) supporting document to indicate need. This could be a copy of rental agreement showing monthly amount, last month’s utility bill, childcare bill or other. b) A document that verifies that your loss of pay is due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 crisis. This could be an email from your supervisor to document the class cancellation/loss of pay if informed by phone or in person, or a statement from you that lists the classes/hours that have been canceled for Spring and the date of notice provided of the cancellation.

2. Once membership has been verified, a follow up email will be sent to gather your bank account and routing number.

3. Relief funds will be sent to the bank account indicated, and receipts as well as any unused funds must be submitted to OEA within 30 days. Address for receipt submission: Relief Fund, c/o OEA President, 6990 SW Atlanta St, Portland OR 97223.

Please send questions to Thank you for being a member of OEA, and be well!

COVID-19 Guidance

Governor Kate Brown has issued guidance focused on Oregon’s institutions of higher education. Key information in the guidance includes:

  • Directions for all Oregon’s higher education institutions to cancel all in-person classroom instruction through April 28.
  • Directions for Oregon’s higher education institutions to move their curriculum to online learning wherever they are able.
  • Directions for Oregon’s higher education institutions to limit on-campus operations to critical functions such as dining services and dormitories – all of which are directed to employ social distancing.

At a time of increased uncertainty for OEA's community college members, you can be assured that OEA’s leadership and staff will continue to fight for policies and guidance from the Governor’s office that will keep faculty and staff at our institutions of higher education both safe and financially whole during this crisis.

OEA’s Center for Great Public Schools has gathered a list of resources below that you might find helpful during that transition.

We are also urging our elected leaders to release clearer guidance aimed at protecting student workers on college campuses who will be also impacted by the cancellation of in-person instruction and by requirements to limit campus operations to critical functions.

The OEA Foundation will temporarily be expanding the allowable grant funding guidelines to support our students with immediate and basic needs. Until May 1, OEA members may apply for grants to help students with food, rent and utility bills. In addition, OEA Aspiring Educators (college students studying to become educators) have also been invited to apply for Foundation assistance if they are experiencing COVID-19-related financial need.

OEA’s leadership and staff is steadfast in our commitment to the students and educators of Oregon, and we will continue to fight for you during this crisis. If you need personal or professional support, please reach out to us:

Community College Resources
Clackamas Community College is one of Oregon's 17 community colleges impacted by Gov. Brown's new COVID-19 guidance.