Coronavirus and Our Schools

In light of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, which has closed Oregon schools for the remainder of this academic year, OEA maintains three key priorities for the safety of our students, staff and schools:

  • Protecting Vulnerable Students and Educators from Exposure: Districts should ensure that any educator or student who is considered to be of high risk of infection, or who lives with or cares for an individual who is at high risk, be allowed to remain home in order to protect their own health and the health of their families.
  • Maintaining Student Access to Nutritional Meals: As districts make contingency plans that include potential long-term closures, they should also work with local and state government agencies to ensure that students who rely on their public schools for nutritional services will continue to receive meals.
  • Ensuring Educators Are Kept Whole During The Crisis: Educators who are not able to report to schools during the COVID-19 epidemic, either due to self-quarantine or because of district-mandated school closures, should be placed on paid administrative leave and kept financially whole.

OEA’s Events calendar includes a filter for learning opportunities from OEA and other trusted educational organizations focused on distance and virtual learning. We encourage you to explore those opportunities here.

Our Coronavirus resources will continue to be updated as more information becomes available. Related questions may be directed to OEA's Public Affairs team at

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