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Take Action on the Student Success Act

Legislature releases historic education investment proposal,…

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May 8th


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A Crisis of Disrupted Learning

Our schools are in crisis all across the state. Students come to…

Parent Guides

These guides are written by teachers and provide some practical tips on challenging parenting issues - especially when it comes to your child's success in school.

Discipline for Teenagers

Dealing with teenagers requires patience, wisdom and effective discipline. This is designed to help parents acquire these skills.

Discipline: An Important Way to Show a Child Love

Discipline is key to your child's success by offering constructive guidance that provides positive guidelines, helping your child now and later.

Help Your Child Take Tests

Tests are only one of the tools that teachers use to develop a complete picture of children's learning. For a more complete picture...

Helping Your Child Learn to Read

Research on reading and learning to read shows that there are things that can be done at home from an early age that help children become successful as readers.

Helping Your Child Learn to Read (Spanish)

Los estudios sobre la lectura y el aprendizaje de la lectura demuestran que hay cosas que se pueden hacer en el hogar para ayudar a los niños a convertirse en lectores exitosos desde temprana edad.

Helping Your Child with Today’s Math

When you visit your child's mathematics classroom it may look different from what you remember. The math hasn't changed, but how we look at it has. This guide was developed to provide parents with information they can use to help their children with today’s mathematics.

Helping Your Teenager to Study More Productively

Effective study time leads to success for your child. Here are some tips.

Put Reading First - Spanish Translation

The Spanish translation of the popular "Put Reading First: Helping Your Child Learn to Read--A Parent Guide" offers ideas and suggestions to reinforce reading instruction at home.

Raising A Successful Reader

This guide provides some easy, practical ways you can increase your child's skills and love for reading.

Teachers' Fifty Favorite Children's Books

Looking for a good book to read with your children? See our list of teacher's top picks, which notes the most appropriate age range for each book.

The Early Years in School: How Parents Can Help

As a parent, be involved, interested, and concerned about your children's learning. Then and only then can they get the most out of the caring their teachers give them.

Tips for Healthier Mealtimes for Toddlers

French fries as a vegetable? Sure, they're made from potatoes, but that doesn't make them good for you.

TV Viewing: Setting the Rules

Try some of these tips to keep TV from having a harmful effect on your children.