OEA-Retired Nominations and Elections

OEA-Retired Nominations and Elections


The OEA-Retired Nomination Form follows for the upcoming 2018 Election. Submission Deadline: 5 PM, March 31, 2019

To be qualified to run for one of the open positions, a candidate must have been an active member of OEA-Retired and NEA-Retired as of March 1, 2019. All candidates will be certified that they have met the membership requirements before the ballot is prepared

The information that is provided will be used unedited in the 2019 OEA-Retired Voting Guide. Please review your Qualifications and Statement Supporting Candidacy sections to make sure that the 150-word limit has not been exceeded.

Please take time to read the **Description of the Duties of the Office** before completing the nominations form. Candidates running to become an OEA Delegate need to understand that they are also running to become a Director on the OEA-Retired Board and are required to attend Board meetings.


Secretary (2021)
Treasurer (2021)
Region II Director (2022)
At-Large Director (2022)
NEA RA Delegate - Position I (2022)
OEA-RA Delegate/OEA-Retired Board Director (18 Positions, 2022)

Questions? Contact Terri Domenigoni, Chairperson of Nominations and Elections.

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