OEA Cabinets, Committees & Task Forces

OEA Cabinets, Committees, and Task Forces are year-to-year groups chaired by OEA members which help inform and carry out the work of OEA.  They also advise OEA Centers on the work being done on behalf of OEA’s members. 

Are you an OEA member interested in serving on a committee?  Do you have a special interest in professional practice, bargaining and advocacy, political action, or in the structure and budget operations of OEA? If so, download a Committee Interest Form and mail it to:  OEA President, Oregon Education Association, 6900 SW Atlanta Street, Portland, Oregon  97223-2513.  If you have questions about serving on a committee, please call the OEA President at 503-684-3300 or 1-800-858-5505, or download Considerations for Committee Appointments and Committee Functions.

OEA Cabinets and Committees generally meet two – three times per year on Saturdays.   Additional online / conference calls are scheduled by the Cabinets and Committees as needed.  Committees of the Board generally meet in conjunction with OEA Board meetings and schedule online/ conference calls as needed.

Cabinet for the Center for Advocacy and Affiliate Services

The Advocacy and Affiliate Services Cabinet is responsible for advising on topics such as bargaining, grievance processing, and member organizing.
Staff Liaison: Angela Dileo
OEA Chair: Cori Swan

Cabinet for the Center for Public Affairs

Members of the Public Affairs Cabinet advise on OEA’s communication efforts and OEA’s political organizing.
Staff Liaison: Trent Lutz
OEA Chair: Forrest Cooper

Cabinet for the Center for Great Public Schools

The GPS cabinet is responsible for advising on education policy and professional development interests.
Staff Liaison: Susan Crumpton
OEA Chair: Lindsay Ray

Bylaws/Policies Committee

This committee reviews OEA Bylaws and Policies, reviews amendments submitted by OEA members, and offers recommendations to the OEA RA. The OEA Bylaws and Policies are the guiding documents governing our Association.
Staff Liaison: Adam Arms
OEA Chair: Robin Troche

Congressional Advocacy Team (CAT)

Members of CAT communicate with Oregon’s Congressional delegation and advocate for the policies and positions on issues to improve federal support for public education.
Staff Liaison: Jared Mason-Gere
OEA Chair: Jamie Zartler

Committee on Racial Equity (CORE)

The members of CORE work to promote the interests of our diverse population as they relate to Association members and our students. CORE members also develop a plan for OEA to be in compliance with NEA Bylaw 3-1 (g). The CORE has at least one joint meeting with the Human and Civil Rights Committee.
Staff Liaison: Teresa Ferrer
OEA Chair: Becky Torres

Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee is responsible for overseeing all elections held by OEA and serving at the OEA Representative Assembly to enforce rules of the Assembly. The committee meets several times a year, especially around the OEA elections cycle, and works full time at the OEA Representative Assembly. (Please note that Credentials Committee members cannot be delegates to the OEA Representative Assembly.)
Staff Liaison: Annie Duncan
OEA Chair: Jo Cooper

Early Career Educator Committee

Staff Liaison: Sara Whelan
OEA Chair: Erika Breton

Human and Civil Rights Committee (HCR)

The HCR Committee works to support equity for all members and students. The committee reviews and recommends Association activities and strategies to address social justice and equity issues. The HCR Committee has at least one joint meeting with the Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee.
Staff Liaison: Evan Wickersham
OEA Chair: Vincent Chirimwami and Adolfo Garza

Judicial Panel

The OEA Judicial Panel reviews cases of suspected Bylaws and Policy violations and alleged violations of the Code of Ethics of the Professional Educator. The panel meets on an as needed basis.
Staff Liaison: Adam Arms
No Chair

Legal Defense Program Committee

The LDP Committee advises on guidelines for legal services provided to OEA members. Members of the committee also hear appeals of members who were denied funding for legal services. The committee meets twice a year and on an as needed basis.
Staff Liaison: Adam Arms
OEA Chair: Vacant

Legislative Advisory Council (LAC)

The LAC proposes and promotes legislation to support the interests of public education and the members of OEA. Promotion of such legislation includes lobbying the state legislature and preparing an annual report for the OEA Representative Assembly.
Staff Liaison: Laurie Wimmer
OEA Chair: David Morocco

Member Benefits Committee

Members of the Member Benefits Committee oversee the OEA Members Benefits Program and monitor OEA’s endorsed products agreements.
Staff Liaison: Sarah Moskoff, and Matt Ogle
sarah.moskoff@oregoned.org; matt.ogle@oregoned.org
OEA Chair: Cori Swan

NEA-RA Planning Committee

Members of the NEA RA Planning Committee organize the activities for the Oregon delegation to the NEA Representative Assembly. Such activities include fund raising for the NEA Fund for Children and Education and organizing activities and support for Oregon delegates at the NEA RA.
Staff Liaison: Annie Duncan and Erika Marion
OEA Chair: C. John Larson

OEA RA Planning Committee

Members of the OEA RA Planning Committee make recommendations how to enhance member engagement at the annual OEA Representative Assembly.
Staff Liaison: Annie Duncan
OEA Chair: Forrest Cooper


The OEA-PAC Board is a Political Action Committee of the Association. PAC Board members are elected by the members of their UniServ Council. The PAC Board works to elect pro public education candidates.
Staff Liaison: Trent Lutz
OEA Chair: Jeff Matsumoto

OEA Program Budget Committee
(Committee of the OEA Board)

The Budget Committee members develop a proposed general fund budget. Committee members participate in a series of budget hearings and propose the budget to the OEA Board for approval. The committee meets approximately ten times during the budget building and adoption process.
Staff Liaison: Kevin Washington
OEA Chair: Reed Scott-Schwalbach

Organizational Strategy Committee
(Committee of the Board)

The Organizational Strategy Committee monitors the implementation of OEA’s Strategic Action Plan.
OEA Chair: Alejandra Barragán

Relief Fund Committee

Members of the Relief Fund oversee administration of the Relief Fund and the disbursement of benefits from the fund. The committee typically meets two – three times per year, and on an as needed basis.
Staff Liaison: Adam Arms
OEA Chair: Karen Lally

Resolutions Committee

Members of the Resolutions Committee review and make recommendations to the OEA Representative Assembly to edit OEA’s Resolutions to ensure our belief statements are addressing the needs of our students, members, and public education.
Staff Liaison: Andrea Shunk
OEA Chair: Patricia Jolly

Special Education (SPED) Committee

Task force members analyze issues facing Special Education in Oregon and make recommendations to the President around possible action to improve the education of all students.
Staff Liaison: Erin Whitlock
OEA Chair: Monica Pardo

Statewide Organizing Task Force
(Established by New Business Item at the 2013 Representative Assembly)

Task Force members work with OEA leaders and staff to develop and implement organizing campaigns at the state and UniServ Council levels.
Staff Liaison: Peter Bauer
OEA Chair: Christine Clark

Student Members Committee

Committee members are examining student member programs of other NEA affiliates and making recommendations on how to enhance our student member program in Oregon.
Staff Liaison: Leah Starkovich
OEA Chair: Chaney Sannan

Union School Advisory Committee

Committee members review strategic priorities of OEA’s Union School and make recommendations to build our continuum of training and to meet the Union School’s goals.
Staff Liaison: Susan Crumpton
OEA Chair: Judy Svoboda