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A Crisis of Disrupted Learning

Our schools are in crisis all across the state. Students come to…

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Will You Be Our Featured Educator?

Sharing educators' experience on the ground with students is an…

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Emerging Leaders Program

The OEA Emerging Leaders program is designed by the OEA Union…

Become an OEA Member

Being a union member means you’ve got someone standing up for you so you can focus on what you do best - educating and supporting students. When we stand together as members of a strong union, we have a seat at the table to fight for students, good working conditions, and the salaries and benefits educators deserve.

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  • OEA negotiates employment contracts for members. Together, we fight to improve your salary, retirement, and healthcare benefits.
  • OEA stands up for you by protecting your hard-earned benefits like healthcare and retirement.
  • OEA advocates with our strong collective voice on behalf of educators and students. We work to reduce class size, restore critical programs and positions, and increase support for managing classrooms and student behavior.
  • OEA ensures we are respected and treated as professionals by ensuring our contracts are upheld and offering representation if needed.
  • OEA defends against attempts to privatize public education, take funding away from schools, and increase red tape for educators.