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Strategic Action Plan

Engaging and Empowering OEA Members to Build a Movement to Transform Public Education in Oregon

Because of OEA's Strategic Action Plan, Oregon educators now have a stronger voice at the bargaining table, in the halls of the Capitol, at the ballot box, in their classrooms and communities, and in policy discussions at the local, state and federal levels. We are seeing a record number of OEA members engaged in new and exciting ways to lead their union and their profession. OEA's Strategic Action Plan is in full swing. Read about our successes over the past year and our moving forward plans for 2014-15.

What is OEA's Strategic Plan?

At the 2011 OEA Representative Assembly, OEA members approved development of an OEA Strategic Action Plan. Over the course of the year, hundreds of members, leaders and staff were involved in informing and building the Strategic Action Plan - this included an effort to have conversations with members about their hopes and expectations from their union. At the 2012 RA, OEA members reaffirmed their commitment to the Strategic Action Plan and approved a number of new Action Items forwarded by the OEA Board of Directors that support implementation of the Plan. Go here to view the Plan.

At the 2012 OEA Representative Assembly, member delegates affirmed their commitment to OEA's Strategic Action Plan and launched a new way of approaching how we do our work as a union.The October 2012 edition of Today's OEA featured a Strategic Plan insert, which  provided a comprehensive update of the many efforts that are underway and going strong.

As a result of New Business Items brought forth and approved by the 2012 OEA RA, two new OEA Task Forces were created: the 2012-13 Governance Structures Task Force and the UniServ Review Task Force. The Governance Structures Task Force is charged with comprehensive review of the OEA Board of Directors and other governance structures. The UniServ Review Task Force will conducting a comprehensive review of UniServ Councils – both governance and programs. Both will provide a written report to the President’s Office, along with any recommendations to be brought to the 2013 OEA RA.

If you're an OEA member, go here for detailed information on the Strategic Action Plan

The Strategic Priorities included in OEA's Strategic Action Plan are:

Educator-Driven Innovation and Public Policy: Leading the Way to Great Public Schools

OEA and its members will be recognized as the most knowledgeable and trusted voices, experts and leaders in public education, in our schools and communities, in the legislature and in the media.

Building Powerful, Visionary, Member Driven Locals

OEA members will see the OEA and their local union as a powerful vehicle to secure a better quality of life, preserve collective bargaining rights, and to establish our right to shape the future of education in our schools and across the state. Together, we will transform public education in Oregon and work with our allies to build healthy, vibrant communities.

Re-shaping Politics in Oregon – From the Grassroots

OEA members will help build and lead a movement that will re-shape politics in Oregon. We will recruit and elect truly pro-public education candidates who actively support revenue reform and education policy and innovation that really work for our students and our schools. We will use the ballot measure process to accomplish our vision for public education in Oregon.

OEA Union School

In the 2012-13 school year, and as a result of the passage of the Strategic Action Plan, OEA will premiere our Union School, a new Center developed to provide a comprehensive continuum of member education and training. The Union School will support and grow strong union lead­ers and member-activists at every level of the organization. The School will have the primary responsibility to build off of existing effective OEA trainings and develop new curriculum and train­ing tools based on best-practice and emerging technologies. The Union School will coordinate all training currently done by the Center for Advocacy and Affiliate Services, the Center for Public Affairs, OEA Governance and OEA staff.


If you have questions or feedback on OEA's Strategic Action Plan go here.