New Educator Series

New Educator Series

Join early career Oregon educators in lively collaboration each month to explore the most timely and important issues facing you and our students. You’ll have a chance to work with other OEA members and union leaders in k-12, higher education, and support positions; broaden your skills and understanding on a variety of hot topics and challenges to help your students thrive; and find the support you need to succeed as an early career educator.

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Do This, Not That: Tips and FAQs for Getting Started

Get advice and support from experienced staff in your field, in tailored sessions for teachers, support staff, and higher education.

September 9/23/21

Building Classroom Community

Many students in Oregon from early childhood through college will return to in-person instruction this fall for the first time in more than one year. Building a strong community for students early in the school year is a key trauma informed practice and a key social and emotional learning competency. We know that when students feel part of a healthy community, they are more ready to learn and succeed academically. This session will focus on strategies all school staff, PreK – community college can use throughout the year to build strong community routines.

October 10/21/21

Student Debt Relief

Learn your options as an educator and explore NEA resources to help you navigate the application process.

November 11/18/21

Trauma Informed Practices: An Introduction

Learn more about the prevalence of trauma, the principles of trauma informed education, and how to build learning environments that are trauma informed. Participants will reflect on their own practices and identify places they can make changes to support students.

December 12/16/21

Dealing With Difficult People While Remaining Professional

Working on any team can be difficult. In this webinar you’ll learn how to manage conflict in your workplace while remaining professional and maintaining your working relationship.

January 1/20/22

Preventing Bias-Based Bullying:

Proactively address the biased behavior that can lead to bullying and learn how to foster ally behavior among students, staff, and other adults.

February 2/17/22

Addressing Challenging Behaviors

Behavior prevention practices are the best way to address challenging student behavior. Learn three proactive strategies to use with students to prevent challenging behavior, and reactive strategies for when a behavior crisis happens.

March 3/24/22

Implicit Bias, Microaggressions and Stereotypes

Sharpen your racial analysis and deepen your understanding of implicit bias, microaggressions, and stereotypes.

April 4/21/22

Disability as an Equity Issue

Using film and deep discussion, explore disability as a positive identity deserving of recognition and representation, how disability identity is created, and how we can mitigate bias against this often unrecognized group.

May 5/12/22

Collaborative Problem Solving

Learn how to listen deeply, ask open-ended questions, and use problem solving strategies that insure all voices are heard.

June 6/16/22

Financial Essentials

Grow confidence in your retirement plan; review financial concepts that can impact you early-, mid-, and late-career; and discuss long-term planning, retirement savings, and state pension options.

July 7/21/22

Resiliency Power Strategies

Healthy learning environments start with healthy, resilient adults. In this session, learn three resilience power strategies for building your personal resilience and ways to support student resilience, a key trauma informed practice.