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OEA Choice Trust

OEA Choice Trust (Trust) has a unique opportunity to assist in promoting the health and well-being of Oregon school employees through the provision of wellness grants. In doing so we can help seed programs and culture changes for healthy living that go beyond the school setting; to students, parents and communities. Through the OEA Choice Trust Wellness Grant Program, school employees will have the opportunity to improve their health, be role models, and even a catalyst for community wellness and health.

The Trust recognizes many diverse health and wellness issues face different school locations; that’s why our Wellness Grant Program is designed to allow school employees the flexibility to design and personalize their own programs to best match their individual school’s goals for healthier living.

The Trust is also part of an innovative partnership with ODS and the Dental Foundation of Oregon (DFO) that promotes and improves dental health through the Tooth Taxi.  The Tooth Taxi is a 38-foot, state-of-the art mobile dental clinic that travels the state of Oregon spending up to a week at public schools, providing preventive and comprehensive dental care to students. Oral health education presentations are provided in the classroom and students that have a dental screen receive oral hygiene kits to take home. The results of a Tooth Taxi visit benefits both students and school employees; as students relieved from dental pain are more focused and ready to learn.  Find out how to request a Tooth Taxi visit and read about Tooth Taxi adventures here: Request the Tooth Taxi.