Census Resources

Each and every individual educator is at the heart of this all-hands-on-deck moment. Educators are trusted messengers. In many hard-to-count communities, the child in school may be their family’s primary connection to English language or government services. Many young children who might accidentally be left uncounted in the family’s census form have older siblings in school who can remind adults about the importance of completing the census early and accounting for everybody in the household. We encourage you to learn about the census, find ways to elevate census outreach in your school and community, and simply talk to children and families about what to expect. If we don’t help, some of our children or their families might be missed in this important count.

Team up with your fellow union members, school colleagues and administration to raise census awareness with the families of students and the community.

  • Order or download one of NEA’s “We Count” posters and hang it in your classroom, office, or other visible place. Visit nea.org/censusposter for more information.
  • Talk to children and families about what to expect.
  • Distribute “I count” stickers to kids. Encourage them wear them and discuss them at home.
  • Send NEA's census fliers home with your students. We have them in four languages -- English, Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin – and NEA can work with people who need them in more languages.*
  • Teach about the importance of the census. The U.S. Census Bureau’s Statistics in Schools program provides many ideas for lessons and activities for different subject areas and grade levels. Visit www.census.gov/schools.
  • Repeat the mantra: The census is safe, important, and necessary. Complete it early – and by April 30!
Census Resources