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Anti-Worker Organizers are Targeting Union Members

Aggressive anti-union efforts are happening around the nation…

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2018 TELL Survey

TELL Survey Shows Areas of Promise, and Concern Oregon educators…

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Disrupted Learning Town Hall Forums

Spring 2018

Right now, many of our students are entering our classrooms not…

Protect Your License

Protect your license and career. Besides the obvious violations, the following situations can lead to Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) investigation and sanctions:

  • Exceeding the 120-day grace period at renewal time.
  • Improper student assistance during state testing.
  • Failing to fully disclose all pertinent information on a licensure application (especially as it relates to character questions, expunged activities, or professional ackground or preparation).
  • Improper use of school equipment (especially pornographic internet use).
  • Failure to report suspected child abuse of student.
  • Use of offensive or threatening language to students, parents or peers.

For more detailed information about the ethical and professional standards of educators, visit TSPC's website to view "The Ethical Educator & Professional Practices" document.