Start Date: The Immigrant Story (Course)

June 29, 2021 · All day

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Tuesdays & Thursdays, June 29-July 22, 2021, 9-11 a.m.

Over the last decade, we have watched immigrants victimized endlessly in the news and have seen an increase in nativism in America. As educators, we have the opportunity to change students’ perspective on immigrants by reminding us of our own origin stories and connecting them to those experiencing that same transformation today.

The Immigrant Story uses storytelling to empower both the subject and the interviewer. Centered around students conducting interviews of fellow students and community members, students learn to listen, record faithfully, and elevate the narratives of those in their own community.

This course is designed for current and preservice middle school, high school, and higher education social studies, language arts, and humanities teachers.

Participants will explore the interview, coding, and writing process of The Immigrant Story by conducting interviews of colleagues in their own school communities who immigrated to the United States. Teachers will discuss the nuts and bolts of managing a complex project in a diverse classroom with differing needs.

This course will leave educators and other participants prepared to conduct The Immigrant Story project within their school. This versatile curriculum can be adapted to different grade levels, from middle school to college.

Cost: $350

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