How Technology Will Reshape the Way We Learn, Work, and Thrive

October 3, 2020 · 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

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OEA Choice Trust Fall Webinar Series

Join futurist Steve Brown for an eye-opening journey into the future of work, education, and healthcare as we learn how new technologies, including artificial intelligence, 5G networks, augmented reality, sensors and other technologies, will reshape our lives in the coming decade.

Learn how intelligence machines will work alongside us, partner with us, and elevate human work; how technology will help us to strengthen human-to-human connections and derive more meaning from our lives; how AI and sensors will revolutionize healthcare; and how digital technology will transform education.

As millions of people turn to education for help to re-skill, up-skill, and maintain their relevance in a highly-automated world, the education sector will become more important than ever.
Steve brings an optimistic view of the future and is renowned for his ability to share complex ideas and technological information in an easy-to-digest and memorable way. Using real-world examples, beautiful images, and stories of the near future, he will change the way you think about technological innovation and the opportunities ahead.

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