Center for Great Public Schools

Photo of Susan Crumpton
Susan Crumpton

Assistant Executive Director for the Center for Great Public Schools

503-495-2137 · Email

Photo of Teresa Ferrer
Teresa Ferrer

Professional Practice Consultant

503-495-2108 · Email

Photo of Erin Whitlock
Erin Whitlock

Professional Practice Consultant

503-495-2134 · Email

Photo of Leah Starkovich
Leah Starkovich

Professional Practice Organizer

503-495-2109 · Email

Photo of Andrea Shunk
Andrea Shunk

Education Policy and Practice Strategist

503-495-2110 · Email

Photo of Kim Read
Kim Read

Professional Learning System Specialist

503-495-2147 · Email

Photo of Penny Hildreth
Penny Hildreth

Administrative Assistant

503-495-2135 · Email

Photo of Tonia Davis
Tonia Davis

Administrative Assistant

503-495-2107 · Email