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Cuts to educators’ benefits pass the House, move on to the Governor

Dear OEA Members,   Today the Oregon House of Representatives…

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Take Action on the Student Success Act

Legislature releases historic education investment proposal,…

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May 8th



Why is your Union engaged in politics? It’s a fair question.

Simply put, the funding and policy decisions that affect your students, workplace, career, friends, and family are being made in your district, in Salem, and in Washington D.C.

But time and again, over the last 150 years OEA members have won major victories to both defend and set new standards for public education in Oregon.

OEA members, their families, and friends make up five percent of the voting population in Oregon. That’s a strong voting bloc, and the reason why you and your fellow OEA members are sought out and consulted by decision-makers on public education funding and policy issues.

Oregon voters really, really like you

Don’t be misled by coordinated media campaigns and cranky letters to the editor. Polls show Oregon voters rely on educators as the most preeminent experts on what’s best for the students and public education. They trust and wait to hear from their local educators more than the school board, politicians, or any other stakeholder.

Your help is needed.

Get informed

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Take local action

School and Community College Board Races: Many of the most important decisions that impact educators and students are made by local school boards and community college boards. It's critical that local educators and their Associations engage and build relationshjps with their local school and community college board members. You can build local power and have a direct influence what happens in your classrooms, school buildings and on campus by helping recruit, support and elect your local school and community college board. Under the Strategic Action Plan, Statewide Grassroots Political Organizer is available to help around the statewide. Remember, All Politics is Local! 

Local Levies and Bonds: Support is available to assist local associations in their effort to secure local funding for staff, textbooks, programs and safe and secure facilities through bond and levy campaigns.  Build community relationships, develop your volunteer base, foster new member activists and get a campaign plan on paper and in our streets. Contact OEA's Government Relations Department for more.

Be an Organizer!: Are you interested in helping build your local association's political strength? Would you like to work with coalitions, fellow members and elected officials to better our schools? Apply to be an OEA Political Cadre! As a cadre, you can assist your local union with anything from volunteer recruitment and training, communicating with members and the public, to coordinating local actions and organizing events. Only a limited number of positions are available. For questions, click here for a position description and an application, please contact OEA's Government Relations Department. Stipends are provided to all political cadres.

Participate in candidate recommendations

Did you know that no OEA member dues go to support candidate elections? Instead, OEA has a political action committee, OEA-PAC, that accepts voluntary donations and is the decision-making body that determines which candidates are recommended by OEA members. Visit the OEA-PAC online contribution page.