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Cuts to educators’ benefits pass the House, move on to the Governor

Dear OEA Members,   Today the Oregon House of Representatives…

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Take Action on the Student Success Act

Legislature releases historic education investment proposal,…

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May 8th


Featured Educator Project

Sharing educators' experience on the ground with students is an incredibly powerful tool while advocating to lawmakers for more school funding and school improvements.

During the 2019 Legislative Session, OEA will be selecting one Featured Educator and their powerful story per day to share with lawmakers. These stories — your stories — make a HUGE impact.

If you are selected as a Featured Educator, OEA staff will follow up with you to hear more about your experience and finalize the piece that will be shared.

These stories will be shared in the Capitol via email and hard copy, as well on OEA social media and website. All student names and identifying information will be changed to protect their privacy.
** we do not accept anonymous stories, because this project is about featuring educators and their experience **

Read through our Featured Educators and their stories here: https://medium.com/@oregoned

While many of our featured educator stories will focus on funding and missing resources, we will also share stories focused on these additional areas. Please include any thoughts or experiences you have on these topics you have below!

  • Equity and racial justice in education
  • Class size and caseload
  • School safety and gun violence in schools (including gun violence prevention, such as active shooter drills)
  • Out of pocket costs to educators on school supplies, etc
  • Restoring specialist positions like counselors/psychologists, nurses, librarians, and other important support staff

Questions? Please email milana.grant@oregoned.org.

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