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Cuts to educators’ benefits pass the House, move on to the Governor

Dear OEA Members,   Today the Oregon House of Representatives…

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Take Action on the Student Success Act

Legislature releases historic education investment proposal,…

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May 8th


Aspiring Educator Retreat

2019 Retreat Details

Friday evening, Feb. 1 - Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019 
Oregon Gardens
Silverton, OR

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Open to all Aspiring Educators (student members) and Early Career Educators (first three years of experience in the profession)

  • Come to connect with other young professionals in networking and roles of mutual support
  • Get a feel for the supports the Oregon Education Association can offer you in the early years of your career and help shape our vision for the future.
  • Seek out professional development opportunities which best suit your current role and goals for your career in education.

Register today — space is limited! Sign up with your education friends!

Session 1:

Trauma informed practice overview
By understanding how the brain develops and is structured around survival and neural pathways, we can have a better understanding of why some students struggle to conform to school expectations. Participants will learn alternate explanations for student behavior and ways to increase empathy so educators are able to build relationships with students to help them stay regulated and be successful at school.

An overview of evaluation: what to ask, how to write a strong goal, identifying artifacts that show your best practice
Evaluations can be stressful. We will explore how to put your best foot forward by writing strong data driven goals, preparing you with quality questions for your team and administrators, and selecting look-fors and artifacts that support your reflections.

Session 2:

Creating and maintaining healthy boundaries as an educator
Education is deeply personal work, sometimes our work can bleed across into our person lives. This can create stress and possibly conflict. In this session we will discuss creating and maintaining healthy boundaries with colleagues, administration, parents and community members which will keep you connected but viewed as a practitioner in your work.

Culturally responsive practice
Each student brings with them a host of individual life experiences when they come to your classroom. Culturally responsive teaching addresses creating a new lens through which to view your practice, content, and pedagogy. In this session, we will explore how one’s culture programs the brain to process data and affect learning relationships. 

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