OEA Statement on the Derek Chauvin Trial Verdict

It has been nearly one year since our nation and the world watched in horror as George Floyd was murdered, in broad daylight, surrounded by onlookers, at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department. Nearly one year of witnessing the grief and anguish of our black and brown communities as they waited to see if our criminal justice system would again tell them that their lives do not have value, and that their killings at the hand of the state do not warrant any real action. Nearly one year of collective action, and activism, and self-reflection as part of the global Movement for Black Lives in which organizations and individuals were driven to look deeply inward to evaluate our own preconceived notions about race and racism while taking outward actions to demanded greater accountability from our institutions.

Today Derek Chauvin, Minneapolis police officer, was found guilty for his role in the murder of George Floyd.

While today’s guilty verdict represents justice for George Floyd and the Floyd family, there is still so much work left to do to ensure that America is a nation where Black Lives Matter. Today’s verdict was not enough to prevent the death of Duante Right, just miles away from the courtroom where the trial of Derek Chauvin took place. Today’s verdict was not enough to keep Breonna Taylor safe. Or Ahmaud Arbery. Or the countless other black and brown individuals whose lives have been cut short by a system that claims it is meant to protect them.

We have so much more work to do together to ensure our schools, our communities, our state and our nation are places where everyone can live without fear for their own lives or the lives of their loved ones. OEA continues to stand in solidarity with those fighting against our country’s long history of racism and oppression, and we are committed to challenging the systemic problems that continue to allow violence and harm against people of color.