Black Lives Matter

Institutional racism has been ingrained in the fabric of our nation since its very inception, and the pervasive culture of white supremacy that has existed unchecked for centuries in the United States has allowed that institutional racism to persist. Our failure to address institutional racism, structural racism and white privilege has resulted in generations of trauma and harm for Black and Brown individuals and communities, manifesting itself every single day.

As a predominantly white organization, it’s critical that OEA's white members, staff, and leaders lean into uncomfortable conversations and situations and truly challenge themselves to embody true and meaningful allyship. We will continue to evaluate how our organization can use our power and our privilege to combat the systemic racism that continues to claim Black and Brown lives.

Here, we are providing a collection of resources - gathered from trusted BIPOC (Black, Indigeous and People of Color) organizations and community allies, and some materials produced in-house by OEA. If you are white, join us on a journey to become a more informed and effective accomplice in dismantling systemic oppression and racism by utilizing these resources in your daily anti-racist practice. Black Lives Matter, today and every day.

What to Read, Watch, Listen

Grow your understanding of anti-racist allyship with these resources.

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Where to Donate

Make an impact and support the work of these these anti-racist organizations fighting for Black Lives and Racial Justice

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Tools from Your Union

In response to the unjust killing of an untold number of Black lives, OEA offers materials solidifying our commitment to the Black Lives Matter movement.

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White Affinity Action and Reflection

We exist within a culture of white supremacy, one that advantages white people at every turn. Through careful action, white people must begin the critical work of tearing down white supremacist structures in the ongoing fight for racial justice.

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Our Commitment to Equity

We’re on a journey to address equity and racial justice in our union and our schools.

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