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Supreme Court Rules on Fair Share

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On Monday, June 30, the United States Supreme Court struck another blow against working families with its narrow 5-4 decision in Harris v. Quinn, when it eliminated agency fee arrangements for Illinois home healthcare workers.

The case, Harris v. Quinn, was brought by the corporate-funded National Right to Work Legal Defense Fund (NRTW) as a means to weaken public sector unions and undermine the unions’ efforts to give a voice to workers and strengthen the middle class.

The narrow ruling appears to apply only to a certain category of employees - what Justice Alito refers to as "partial public employees." This decision does not overturn the court's agency fee/fair share precedent applying to all public employee unions. The impact of the Supreme Court’s decision on Oregon remains to be seen, however, it doesn't appear to impact OEA or NEA fair share agreements.

NEA and our own legal team are in the process of carefully reviewing the decision and its impacts. We will be sure to keep you updated as we learn more. In the meantime, here are some resources for your review:

As we review the implications of today's ruling, one thing remains certain: Oregon educators understand how important it is for everyone to join together, because that’s how we build a strong organization and remain a strong voice for our students and their families.

By joining together in a union, Oregon educators have defeated harmful attacks by Bill Sizemore and others who would do real harm to our schools, economic health and quality of life. Our collective voice has led to increased funding for our schools and helped beat back corporate attacks on public education in Oregon. We will continue to defend against attacks on the rights of working people to join together to improve our public schools and strengthen middle class families.