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Strategic Action Plan in Full Swing

Oregon educators now have a stronger voice at the bargaining…

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Questions about PERS?

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OEA Summer Conference

July 29-31, 2014

Building Our Collective Power OEA's 2014 Summer…

OEA Summer Conference

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Building Our Collective Power

OEA's 2014 Summer Conference

July 29-31, 2014
Registration will be available at the 2014 OEA Representative Assembly.

Riverhouse Hotel & Convention Center
3075 N. Highway 97
Bend, OR 97701

Download the 2014 OEA Summer Conference Flyer.

OEA’s 2014 Summer Leadership Conference will ‘Build Power to Transform Public Education in Oregon ‘ through dynamic training  that focuses on our Mission, Vision and Core Values.  OEA member attendees will have the opportunity to choose from six distinct tracks (plus additional courses). These learning opportunities will help build leadership skills that will engage and build power among members and within our local communities.

Strong Leaders, Strong Locals – Building our Capacity for Collective Power

Local education union leaders are facing more and greater challenges than ever before.  Skilled, unified leadership teams are the key to meeting these challenges.  This track will focus both on skill-building and developing key strategies for building a powerful, effective, member‐driven local association.   We will work together to share ideas, problem-solve and begin crafting local strategic plans.  Presidents and their leadership teams will receive tools and resources for setting strategic priorities, developing leadership around a shared vision, values and goals, and building capacity through member engagement.

  • Role and skills training for: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Building  Effective Teams
  • Communications that inform, engage and empower
  • How Leaders Lead: Education Practice, Politics, Bargaining, Community Engagement and Organizing 

Powerful Teaching and Learning - Practices, Resources and Educator Leadership for the Common Core 

Access to resources and the opportunity for teachers to share their expertise and advice is at the heart of meaningful transition to the Common Core Standards.  A number of resources and supporting materials highlighting powerful practices around Common Core are emerging to empower teachers to lead curriculum and instruction.  At the 2014 OEA Summer Leadership Conference, the Center for Great Public Schools will offer hands-on, interactive sessions for teachers to come together and explore those resources, share personal reflections and real-life insight on instructional practices that work and share tips for powerful student learning under the Common Core Standards.  

Leading the Way to Great Public Schools - Equity, Leadership and Learning

Educators are on the frontlines every day in Oregon's schools and classrooms supporting student success.  Educators play a powerful role in bridging the gap between opportunity and achievement by developing strong relationships within your classroom, your school, and school community.   With an increasingly diverse student population and over half of students in public schools today living in poverty, educator leadership in professional practice and policy is more critical now than ever in creating the opportunity for each and every student to learn. And through the collective action of your local association, educators can lead the way to great public schools.

  • Labor-Management Collaboration to Advance Equity and Student Learning
  • Professional Learning Communities Closing the Opportunity Gap for all Learners
  • Effective Teacher-Instructional Assistant Teams
  • Teacher Leadership in Setting Student Learning Goals
  • Powerful Strategies for Special Education
  • Rethinking Student Discipline

Political Organizing for Our Future

The attacks against public education employees have increased in frequency and the pres¬sure at the local level is escalating.  The impact of declining funding, increased student needs, class size and mounting teacher workload mean we have reached a true crisis. Come get first-hand experience on how to run success¬ful election campaigns local bond or levy, school board race, or any other pro-public education issue. A crucial component of this training will be the development of effective community coalitions that will drive our success and survive and thrive after the campaign is over. This is a hands-on track where your team will participate in a simulated campaign that includes:

  • Voter Registration (and Suppression)
  • Voter Rights
  • Fundraising
  • Coalition building
  • Effective political communication -- both internally and externally
  • GOTV
  • Nuts and Bolts critical to electoral success whether it is a candidate, an issue, a ballot measure – locally or statewide.

Organizing and Activism - Building our Collective Power with Community Allies

There has never been a more critical time to build and harness our collective power. From our Class Size Campaign and the Medford and Portland contract campaigns, the transformative potential of our power and the challenges of expanding and sustaining that power are clearer than ever before.  This track will explore the practical skills and strategies members need to activate their locals into powerful, truly collective unions. We will utilize a strategy game scenario to simulate the fundamental issues all educators – teachers, counselors ESP and Community College faculty and staff are facing in their communities: poorly funded schools, large class sizes, loss of art and PE, part time faculty, poverty, families in crisis, homelessness, and an ever-increasing drop of HS graduation.   We will use our game to learn about and practice developing strategies that engage and empower our members and build powerful community coalitions.

  • How union members make history Everyday
  • Communications that Engage and Empower
  • Finding Leaders who have been waiting to be asked
  • Developing practical leadership skills
  • Organizing Our Communities for Change: Community Mapping and Coalition-building
  • Winning allies on the School Board
  • Organizing Around Issues that matter to members and students 

Connecting the Dots - How Contract Bargaining Can Build Union Power

For years now, bargaining has been happening in the context continuous funding cuts and policies that are bad for educators and bad for students.   In this environment, bargaining needs to be approached in a comprehensive, strategic way – as a campaign that engages and empowers members while also organizing the community around a different vision of what great schools look like. This program is designed for all bargaining teams.  We will work on the ‘traditional’ elements of bargaining – developing strong contract language, school budget analysis, costing contracts and table strategies.  We will also focus on bargaining as a strategic campaign, engaging and organizing members and our communities around contracts that advance a vision of the schools our students deserve.

  • Defining and analyzing contract issues
  • Developing proposals and writing effective contract language
  • Demystifying Costing out of Contracts proposals
  • Bargaining Education Change: Educator Voice in Practice and Policy
  • Communicating the Vision: Communications that engage, empower and organize
  • Organizing Our Communities to Support the Schools Our Students