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New Partnerships with Pilot Districts for Teacher Evaluation

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The Oregon Department of Education is currently working with 12 school districts to pilot the “significant” use of Student learning and growth data in teacher and principal evaluations in order to satisfy our ESEA Waiver requirements for the 2012-13 school year. These 12 school districts were the recipients of the SB 252 Collaboration Grant. OEA's Center for Great Public Schools (CGPS) will be providing guidance and resources to those 12 districts, and is excited to partner with two school districts, Beaverton and North Clackamas (shown above),  to pilot the “significant” use of student learning and growth data through the use of a teacher-created concept called the “OEA Matrix."

In this pilot work, the Center for Great Public Schools was looking for school districts who:

  1. Have an established collaborative relationship with their local association.
  2. Have a strong teacher evaluation and support system that was built collaboratively with their association and that aligns to the majority of the Oregon Framework requirements (which essentially outlines the requirements of SB 290 and the ESEA Waiver impacts on evaluation).
  3. Were larger in population of students than the largest SB 252 school district (Springfield).

OEA Services to Partnership Pilots

CGPS will be providing various resources for the partnership pilots, including the following:

  • Resources (the two districts will be receiving grant funding from ODE to complete this pilot work)
  • Staffing support and coaching from OEA
  • Technical Assistance to align to the new evaluation requirements outlined in the Oregon Framework document.

Watch this work in action through Beaverton's pilot program:

SB 290-Hiteon Student Growth Pilot from TeacherSource Videos on Vimeo.