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Expanded Teacher of the Year Program

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Innovative Ideas Receive Recognition from OEA

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Oregon Education Association is proud to support educators who go above and beyond to create a better future for their students, peers, and public education in general. The grant programs facilitated by OEA's Center for Great Public Schools provide funding to members who want to implement innovative ideas in their classroom, school, or community. 

Professional Practice Organizing Grant Recipients

Glide Education Association
Lynn Hill, Local President
New Educator Mentorship Program

Being a new teacher in a new town can be intimidating. This program, now in its second year, pairs new teachers with veteran educators from their school to help them succeed in their first year teaching in Glide. Mentorship is is not only available to first-time teachers, but also to those who are new to the area. Experienced teachers get time to observe, evaluate, and and discuss teaching tactics with their mentees. New teachers have someone they can approach with questions and concerns, and it gives them confidence to know that they are supported by their school and their union. Though the Promising Practices Grant got this idea off the ground, Glide School District was impressed enough by its success to continue funding the program into future years!

Salem-Keizer Education Association
Mindy Merritt, Local President
Early Career Leadership Program

Leadership is something that many new educators don't think about when they start their first teaching job, but who better to address their needs than they? The Early Career Leadership Fellows (ECLF) program is an NEA cadre that gives new educators the tools to develop into the leaders of tomorrow. But, space and funding are limited to join this program, and the association president wanted to be able to expand on the program within her own district. Through the combined funding of an NEA grant, and a OEA Promising Practices Grant, Salem Keizer EA was able to send a few members through the ECLF program, with the promise that they would connect with five new educators in the district to learn about what challenges they faced in their first years. This not only connects new educators with their peers, but encourages them to get involved with their local association. 

Promising Practices Grant Recipients

North Clackamas Education Association
Stephanie Gately and Debbie Wright, K-1 Co-Teachers
Seating Options for Young Learners

It can be a difficult task to keep young children focused, and no one understands this better than elementary school teachers! Through research and a Promising Practices Grant, these two teachers at Sojourner Elementary have given their squirmy, wiggly kindergarten and first grade students a variety of seating options so that they can choose the one that best suits their learning needs. Students have the option of using balance balls, seat cushions, stools, and elastic chair straps, empowering them to think about their learning style and what environment works for them. This classroom is now equipped to allow students to concentrate on their lessons, not on their discomfort.

For more information about OEA's Promising Practices Grants, click here