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Important Information for Retired Educators

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Attention Retired Educators: If you’re still working in public employment, be sure to accurately track your hours! It may impact your retirement.

This important reminder applies to you if you are:

• A PERS retiree and
• Working as a substitute or in some other capacity in an Oregon school district, ESD or any other PERS covered employer.
As background, Oregon statute with some exceptions allows retired educators to work part time  for a PERS covered employer but you may not exceed 1039 hours in a calendar year without putting your retirement benefits at risk. Please be sure to track your own hours. Do not rely on your employer to do this for you!

Here are some links to the PERS website which provide more detailed information about when and under what circumstances retirees can return to work for a PERS-covered employer, including the exceptions:
Tier 1 and Tier Two Retirees
OPSRP Retirees

If you have received a notice from PERS regarding your 1039 status, here are some important tips and information to consider:

1. Hire an attorney. Legal counsel can assist you in understanding the law and advocating for you in your claim.
2. Don't miss any deadlines. If you have been notified by PERS of a claim related to your 1039 status, be sure to respond to PERS by the deadline given with any challenge you may have. Failure to respond within that deadline may take away any right to challenge any PERS action.
3. Don’t Panic. Please know there are often remedies to these claims which cure or substantially mitigate the problem which may include working with your employer.
4. Talk to PERS. Be assured that PERS, just like you, is looking for solutions to these problems. In fact they have dedicated staff to help you. Here is contact information for the staff designated to assist retirees with this issue: Karen Chavez 503 598 3548, Yvette Elledge 503 603 7685, and Laurel Gallegos 503 603 7628.

An important note, the above points are general tips we hope you consider with your attorney. The Oregon Education Association cannot give you legal advice on this or other retirement issues