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OCESP Fall Conference

Oct. 20-21, 2017

The OCESP Fall Conference is a professional development…

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Welcome Back to School

On behalf of all of us at the Oregon Education Association, we…

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Increasing Number of Opt Outs Provide an Opportunity to Rethink Standardized Testing

Decreasing participation in standardized testing provides an…

Ensuring Safe, Welcoming, and Bias-free Schools

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"Now more than ever, we must double our resolve to bring people together and focus on building a future for all Americans where their dreams outweigh their fears and hope smothers anger and hate. We are stronger together and we will never give up on what we hold dear."

— NEA President Lily Eskelsen García 

On the day following the shocking results of the 2016 Presidential Election, NEA issued the call to its 3 million members through a simple hashtag on social media:  #ImTellingMyKids. Stories from around the country began flooding in about students' fears - from deportation, to racial slurs and harassment, to fears of being mocked or discredited due to a disability. 

In partnership with parents, America’s educators are offering support and a safe place for kids to talk about their concerns. The tactics explored in this NEA Today article, Talking to Students After the Election, may be helpful to you in navigating these uncertain times that lie ahead.

Getting Through the Day

Check out NEA's resources for educators, students, and families to counter hateful rhetoric and foster positive dialogue

As educators, we must stand together and be there for our students. Provide them guidance. Show them support. Give them hope. If you are in need of support in your own classroom or worksite, or feel targeted for any reason, please reach out and contact your local UniServ Consultant. Know that your union is here to support you and your students. 

If you witness an incidence of bullying and/or harassment, please report it to OEA. We will connect you with resources in your community through your local UniServ office.