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Dues Tax Deduction - Don’t Forget!

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As you begin your process of filing your 2012 taxes, don't forget that OEA members may be able to deduct their union dues for 2012 income taxes. This includes NEA, OEA and Local dues.

Here's a quick summary of how this works:

  • The deduction must meet the limitations on miscellaneous itemized deductions (deductible when “Miscellaneous” itemized deductions exceed two percent of adjusted gross income).
  • To claim union dues as a deduction you must use the long Form 1040.
  • Union dues are reported on line 21 of Schedule A (Form 1040) – Itemized Deductions (2012 forms are not yet published so the specific line may differ).
  • The amount of the deduction will be based on the actual dues paid in 2012. You will likely be able to find this amount on your final 2012 pay stub listed as dues. If your district provides a detailed Form W-2, you may also find the information there.

It's also important to note that the $250 Educator Expenses deduction was extended through 2013 by the recent “fiscal cliff” legislation. The deduction for K-12 educators, which can be found on line 23 of Form 1040 and line 16 of Form 1040A. Each form refers to specific instructions that explain the qualification for the deduction. The simplest tax return, Form 1040EZ, does not provide for this deduction. If you have qualifying expenses, be sure to use one of the other forms to file your 2012 taxes.

OEA does not provide tax advice to members. You can find more information on the official IRS website: www.irs.gov or by contacting a tax consultant.