PERS Divestment Survey

At the 2015 OEA Representative Assembly, RA delegates voted to inform our members about the arguments for divesting PERS from fossil fuel companies in light of the increasing evidence of accelerating climate change. We are on track for the hottest year in recorded history (topping the previous record set, last year). Ocean levels are rising faster than predicted. California is experiencing record drought, and it may not be long before summer snow on Mt. Hood will be visible only on old postcards.  The case for climate change is overwhelming, as many of us are aware.

It is time we take a serious look at examining the allocation of our retirement funds and order the state to divest our money from fossil fuels in a manner that meets its fiduciary responsibility.

Read the full opinion piece "Making the Case for Divestment," written by OEA member Tom Kane, in the Winter 2016 issue of Today's OEA. Share your thoughts and feedback about this important topic in our survey below.

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