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Attend OEA’s Organizing Summit!

March 13-15, 2015

The OEA Organizing Summit is specifically for OEA members who are…

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OEA Member’s Letter to the Editor: Standardized Testing

Teacher, local president and OEA Board Member Kelvin Calkins…

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Fair Shot for All

Building a Better Oregon Earlier this month, community and labor…

Oregon Legislature

Educators from around the state need to join together to tell their stories and use their real work experience in the classrooms and worksites to help shape education policy legislation in Salem.  Click here to find your legislator.

Track it!

Is there a paricular bill that you're interested in? Check out OEA's Bill Tracking tool. You can monitor the progress of any bill before the Oregon Legislature.

Make Contact

Join OEA's Political Activists!

Get the know-how to influence your legislators this session! Contact OEA-GR about becoming an OEA Political Activist!

Use OEA's online Action Center to send a message to your House and Senate legislators on the education topics that matter to you!

The State of Oregon also has a "Find Your Legislator" page for looking up who represents you in Salem and Washington D.C.

Have you met with a Legislator? Let us know how it went!