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Educators from around the state need to join together to tell their stories and use their real work experience in the classrooms and worksites to help shape education policy legislation in Salem.  Click here to find your legislator.

Check it out! The 2015 Oregon Legislative Session has come to a close; learn more about the outcomes of OEA's key priority bills in our 2015 Legislative Summary + Report Card (pdf download). 

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OEA's Priorities This Session

Strengthen Public Education

  • Community College Budget: Return to pre-recession funding levels for community colleges.
  • K-12 Budget Roll-Up: Maintain post-recession investments in public education to avoid teacher layoffs or cuts to school days and hours.
  • Allotment Cut Equity: Require that when across-the-board allotment cuts occur to services on which Oregonians rely, tax expenditures are cut by the same percentage.

Maximize Student Learning

  • Student Assessment Bill of Rights: Ensure that parents and students are informed about statewide standardized summative assessments and how the results will be used; expands parents’ right to opt students out. 
  • Moratorium on the Use of High-Stakes Assessments: Remove the “high-stakes” from statewide summative assessments to better promote student learning.  Prohibit using results to rate schools or evaluate educators; create a work group to evaluate the effectiveness of the Smarter Balanced Assessment.
  • English Language Learner Student Success: Improve opportunities for English language learners to succeed in public schools by expanding the resources available and broadening the options for demonstrating English language proficiency. 
  • Professional Educator Engagement and Influence in Education Policy: Ensure that professional educators are represented on all boards and commissions that set state education policy to support student success.
  • Accelerated Learning That Best Serves Students: Ensure dual credit and accelerated learning programs give high school students an accurate and meaningful college experience.

Respect the Rights of School Employees

  • “Upskirting” Ban: Close a loophole in Oregon law by making it a crime to take an image of a person’s intimate areas without consent, and to circulate it.
  • Public Contracting Transparency: Create greater transparency of contracting costs as public agencies bid on work and provide worker protections.
  • Full Time Equivalency: Allow community college faculty who work part time at multiple institutions to qualify for health care benefits.

Building a Better Community

  • Motor Voter Expansion: Allow Oregonians of legal voting age who obtain a driver’s license at the DMV to be simultaneously registered to vote.
  • Health Care Rate and Reimbursement Reform: Create a Health Care Rate Review Board that will help ensure appropriate reimbursement rates by health care providers.
  • Paid Sick Leave: Allow all Oregon workers access to paid sick time to heal from illness or injury or to care for a sick family member.
  • Raise the Minimum Wage: OEA joins a broad coalition advocating for a significant increase in the minimum wage.

Download OEA's Priorities Walk Card.

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