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2014 Election Recommendations

Download OEA's Voter Guide!

Federal and Statewide Candidates
State Senate Races
State House Races
Ballot Measures
Information on Voting


Federal and Statewide Candidates

US Senate Jeff Merkley (D) W
CD 1 Suzanne Bonamici (D) W
CD 3 Earl Blumenauer (D) W
CD 4 Peter DeFazio (D) W
CD 5 Kurt Schrader (D) W
Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian (NP)

State Senate Races

SD 03 Alan Bates (D) W SD 15 Chuck Riley (D)
SD 04 Floyd Prozanski (D) W SD 16 No Action**
SD 06 Lee Beyer (D) W SD 17 Elizabeth Steiner Hayward (D) W
SD 07 Chris Edwards (D) W SD 19 Richard Devlin (D) W
SD 08 Sara Gelser (D) W SD 20 Jamie Damon (D)
SD 10 No Action** SD 23 Michael Dembrow (D) W
SD 11 Peter Courtney (D) W SD 24 No Action**
SD 13 Ryan Howard (D) SD 26 Robert Bruce (D)

State House Races

HD 01 To Be Determined HD 31 To Be Determined
HD 02 To Be Determined HD 32 To Be Determined
HD 03 No Recommendation HD 33 Mitch Greenlick (D) W
HD 04 Darlene Taylor (D) HD 34 Ken Helm (D) W
HD 05 Peter Buckley (D) W HD 35 Margaret Doherty (D)* W
HD 06 To Be Determined HD 36 Jennifer Williamson (D) W
HD 07 No Action** HD 37 Gerritt Rosenthal (D)
HD 08 Paul Holvey (D) W HD 38 Ann Lininger (D) W
HD 09 Caddie McKeown (D) W HD 39 No Action**
HD 10 David Gomberg (D) W HD 40 Brent Barton (D) W
HD 11 Phil Barnhart (D) W HD 41 Kathleen Taylor (D) W
HD 12 John Lively (D) W HD 42 Rob Nosse (D) W
HD 13 Nancy Nathanson (D) W HD 43 Lew Frederick (D) W
HD 14 Val Hoyle (D) W HD 44 Tina Kotek (D) W
HD 15 Andy Olson (R) W HD 45 Barbara Smith Warner (D) W
HD 16 Dan Rayfield (D) W HD 46 Alissa Keny-Guyer (D) W
HD 17 No Action** HD 47 Jessica Vega Pederson (D) W
HD 18 Scott Mills (D) HD 48 No Recommendation
HD 19 Bill Dalton (D) HD 49 Chris Gorsek (D)* W
HD 20 Paul Evans (D)* W HD 50 Carla Piluso (D) W
HD 21 No Action** HD 51 Shemia Fagan (D) W
HD 22 Betty Komp (D) W HD 52 Stephanie Nystrom (D)
HD 23 No Recommendation HD 53 Gene Whisnant (R) W
HD 24 Ken Moore (D) HD 54 Craig Wilhelm (D)
HD 25 Chuck Lee (I) HD 55 No Recommendation
HD 26 No Action** HD 56 No Action**
HD 27 Tobias Read (D) W HD 57 To Be Determined
HD 28 Jeff Barker (D) W HD 58 To Be Determined
HD 29 Susan McLain (D)* W HD 59 No Recommendation
HD 30 Joe Gallegos (D) W HD 60 No Action**

* Indicates OEA Member running for elected office
** OEA-PIE policy requires the completion of a written questionnaire and a local interview prior to receiving an OEA-PIE recommendation. "No Action" indicates that, as of this date, candidates in the race have chosen not to participate in the required elements.

Statewide Ballot Measures (positions on statewide ballot measures are determined by the OEA Board of Directors)

Ballot Measure 86 (Oregon Opportunity) Support
Ballot Measure 87 (Legislative Referral) No Position
Ballot Measure 88 (Safe Roads Campaign) Support
Ballot Measure 89 (Oregon Equal Rights Amendment)  Passed Support
Ballot Measure 90 (Protect Our Vote!)  Failed Oppose
Ballot Measure 91 (Legal Recreational Marijuana and Tax on Sales) No Position
Ballot Measure 92 (GMO Labeling) No Position

Bonds and Local Options

In communities across the state, voters passed 83% of all local school and community college bonds and levies on the ballot. Go here for a full list.

Join OEA's Political Activists!

If you're interested in learning more about how to successfully lead a local election effort, please contact OEA's Government Relations Department and become an OEA Political Activist through OEA's Political Cadre program!

Become a Member of OEA-PIE!

OEA-PIE is OEA’s political action committee – made up every OEA member who makes a voluntary contribution.  Together with The NEA Fund for Children and Public Education, it allows you to combine your investment with thousands of other members to elect lawmakers who care about public education as much as we do.  Go here to learn more and donate to OEA-PIE.

Information on Voting

To date, nearly thousands of Oregon educators have already voted. You should be one of them! Stick your ballot in the mail today, or if you'd rather drop of your ballot go here for a map of drop-off sites in your area.

For more information on voting in Oregon and to view the Voter's Pamphlet online, visit the Secretary of State's website here.