Benefits of OEA-Retired

There are many reasons to join OEA-Retired, including:

  • Access to NEA Special Services (insurance, magazines, et cetera)
  • Special NEA-Retired credit card with no annual fee - ever
  • Regular publications from NEA and OEA (including special retiree information)
  • Representation at OEA/OCESP and NEA decision-making levels
  • Opportunity to participate and vote at OEA-Retired's fall and spring general meetings
  • Opportunity to stay involved
  • Access to OEA and NEA expertise
  • OEA-Retired newsletters on current retiree issues in Oregon
  • OEA-Retired committees that monitor and report on legislative and political action, health care issues, and PERS benefits

What's In it for All of Us?

  • Strength in numbers increases effectiveness when lobbying at the state and national levels
  • A collective voice in influencing the direction of state and national education policy
  • Educated, caring colleagues sharing collective wisdom
  • Power to help elect candidates that support public education.

OEA-Retired Lifetime Membership:
A lifetime membership is available for $500 ($250 to NEA-Retired, $250 to OEA-Retired).

You will never have to pay the national annual dues again. Lifetime members receive special benefits such as professional liability insurance when doing substitute work at schools. A special membership card and "planning for retirement" packet are included with your lifetime membership.

Two-Year Payment Plan

  • Year one $375 ($250 to NEA-Retired, $125 to OEA-Retired)
  • Year two $125 to OEA-Retired

Annual Membership
$55 ($30 to OEA-Retired, $25 to NEA-Retired)

Not Yet Retired? Join as a Pre-Retired Member!

As an active OEA/NEA member, you may become a OEA-Retired member for life as a pre-retired subscriber for $500.

How to Join:
Call OEA membership processing at 503-684-3300 or toll free at 1-800-858-5505.

When you have completed your membership application, please mail it to:

OEA Membership Department
6900 SW Atlanta St.
Portland, OR 97223