Benefits of OEA-Retired

There are many reasons to join OEA-Retired, including:

  • Opportunity to stay involved.
  • Access to OEA and NEA expertise.
  • OEA-Retired newsletter on current retiree issues in Oregon.
  • OEA-Retired committees that monitor and report on legislative and political action, health care issues, and PERS benefits.
  • NEA liability coverage while substituting.
  • Social gatherings, travel opportunities, dining events and wine tours.
  • Access to NEA Special Services (insurance, magazine, etc.).
  • No annual fee NEA-Retired credit card.
  • Regular publications from OEA and NEA (including special retiree information).
  • Representation at OEA/OCESP and NEA decision-making levels.
  • Opportunity to participate and vote at OEA-Retired fall and spring general meetings.

What's In it for All of Us?

  • Educated, caring colleagues sharing collective wisdom.
  • A collective voice in influencing the direction of state and national education policy.
  • Power to help elect candidates that support public education.
  • Strength in numbers increases effectiveness of state and national lobbying efforts.

OEA-Retired Lifetime Membership:
A lifetime membership is available for $500 ($250 to NEA-Retired, $250 to OEA-Retired).

You will never have to pay the national annual dues again. Lifetime members receive special benefits such as professional liability insurance when doing substitute work at schools. A special membership card and "planning for retirement" packet are included with your lifetime membership.

Monthly Payment Plan

Option 1:  $10 down and $10/month for two (2) years; authorized monthly payments to be taken from checking or savings account.
Option 2:  $10 down and $20/month for one (1) year; authorized monthly payments to be taken from checking or savings account.

Once the lifetime membership has been paid in full (total $250), a rebate of $50 will be paid to the new lifetime member.  This is true for any payment plan, including the one-time payment. These offers are not retroactive!  And, members need to understand that this is only for the OEA-Retired Lifetime membership and does not include NEA-Retired membership. NEA-Retired membership still requires a one time payment of $250. These options are also open to current retired members that are paying annual dues. Once you sign up for the plan, you will not be making the annual dues payment, only the monthly payment.

Two-Year Payment Plan

  • Year one $375 ($250 to NEA-Retired, $125 to OEA-Retired)
  • Year two $125 to OEA-Retired

Annual Membership
$55 ($30 to OEA-Retired, $25 to NEA-Retired)

Not Yet Retired? Join as a Pre-Retired Member!

As an active OEA/NEA member, you may become a OEA-Retired member for life as a pre-retired subscriber for $500.

How to Join:
Call OEA membership processing at 503-495-2156 or toll free at 1-800-858-5505.

When you have completed your membership application, please mail it to:

OEA Membership Department
6900 SW Atlanta St.
Portland, OR 97223