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Why I Joined OEA-Retired

I loved the 35 years I was in the classroom working with students and parents and my profession gave me value and purpose. Retirement was not going to make me any less involved in Public Education and its importance to our country and I wished to be able to continue making a difference in the lives of our young and protecting Public Education. OEA-Retired has given me this opportunity to remain involved.
— Steve Hillis

The Oregon Education Association-Retired (OEA-Retired) is the NEA affiliate for retired OEA members. OEA-Retired provides OEA retirees an opportunity to collectively work toward preserving PERS benefits, enhancing health care, and assuring the strength of public education. OEA-Retired works with other senior organizations to deal with retirement issues in common, while providing a forum and support group for issues unique to retired educators.

We're the organization that continues to fight for your rights. We can do more together than any of us can do alone. Watch this page for updates on retired issues and OEA-Retired news, and feel free to explore the information posted on our site, including:



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