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Teaching and Learning Conditions Survey Can Help Improve Schools

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Take the TELL Oregon Survey

Congratulations to the following school districts and schools who have had 75% or more staff complete the TELL survey:
Academy for Character Education, Academy of Arts and Academics, Agnes Stewart Middle, Alder Creek Middle, Alice Ott Middle, Allen Dale Elem, Aloha High, Aloha-Huber Park School, Amity Creek Elem, Annex Charter School, Annex SD 29, Antonia Crater Elem, Applegate Elem, Applegate Elem, Armand Larive Middle, Arthur Academy (Charter), Arts and Communication Magnet Academy, Ashwood Elem, Ashwood SD 8, Aumsville Elem, Barnes Elem, Battle Creek Elem, Beach Elem, Beaver Acres Elem, Beaverton High, Beaverton SD 48J, Bend Sr High, Bethany Elem, Blachly SD 90, Bohemia Elem, Bonny Slope Elem, Briggs Middle, Brookwood Elem, Buckman Elem, Butternut Creek Elem, Candalaria Elem, Cascade Heights Public Charter School, Cedar Mill Elem, Cedar Park Middle Cedaroak Park Primary, Centennial Elem, Center for Advanced Learning, César Chávez K-8 School, Chehalem Elem, Chenowith Elem, Cherry Park Elem Childs Way Charter School, Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences, Clackamas Middle College, Clara Brownell Middle, Clatskanie Middle/High, Cloverdale Elem, Colton Elem, Colton High, Colton SD 53, Conestoga Middle, Cooper Mountain Elem, Cottage Grove High, Crossler Middle, Dallas High, Dallas SD 2, David Douglas High, David Douglas SD 40, Desert View Elem, Destinations Academy, Dexter McCarty Middle, Dilley Elem, Dorena School, Double O Elem, Double O SD 28, Douglas Gardens Elem, Duniway Elem, Eagle Charter, Earl Boyles Elem, Early College High, East Elem, East Gresham Elem, East Sutherlin Primary, Echo Shaw Elem, Edwards Elem, Edy Ridge Elem, Elizabeth Page Elem, Elmonica Elem, Errol Hassell Elem, Ewing Young Elem, Falcon Heights Academy, Farmington View Elem, Faulconer-Chapman School, Fern Hill Elem, Findley Elem, Fir Grove Elem, Five Oaks Middle, Floyd Light Middle, Forest Ridge Elem, Franklin High, Gaffney Lane Elem, Gardiner Middle, Garfield Elem, Garibaldi Elem, Gateways High, Gilbert Heights Elem, Gilbert Park Elem, Glide Elem, Glide High, Glide SD 12, Grant Community School, Grant Union Jr/Sr High, Grant Watts Elem, Gresham Arthur Academy, Grout Elem, Gubser Elem, Guy Lee Elem, Hall Elem, Hallman Elem, Hamlin Middle, Hanby Middle, Harrison Elem, Hartley Elem, Hazeldale Elem, Health & Science School, Helensview High, Hermiston High, Hermiston SD 8, Hidden Valley High, High Desert Middle, Highland Elem, Highland Elem, Highland Hills Elem, Highland Park Middle, Highland School at Kenwood Elem, Hillcrest Elem, Hillsboro Online Academy, Hillside Elem, Hiteon Elem, Hogan Cedars Elem, Holley Elem, Hudson Park Elem, Imlay Elem, Independence Elem, International School of Beaverton, Irrigon Elem, Jacob Wismer Elem, James Templeton Elem, Jennings Lodge Elem, Jewell School, Jewell SD 8, Joan Austin Elem, John McLoughlin Elem, John Tuck Elem, Joseph Conger Elem, Judson Middle, Kalapuya Elem, Kelly Creek Elem, King Elem, Kinnaman Elem, Klamath Falls City Schools, LaCreole Middle, Lake Creek Learning Ctr, LaPine Elem, LaPine Middle, Latham Elem, Laurel Elem, Laurelhurst Elem, Lee Elem, Lee Elem, Lewis Elem, Liberty Elem, Lincoln Middle, Lincoln Park Elem, Lincoln Primary, London School, Long Creek School, Long Creek SD 17, Lynch View Elem, M A Lynch Elem, Madras Primary, Madrona Elem, Maple Elem, Marcola Elem, Marcola SD 79J, Mari-Linn Elem, Marshall High, McCornack Elem, McKay Creek Elem, McKay Elem, McKay High, McKinley Elem, McNary Heights Elem, McNary High, Meadow Park Middle, Meadow View School, Memorial Middle, Menlo Park Elem, Metolius Elem, Metzger Elem, Mid Valley Elem, Mill Park Elem, Miller Education Center, Miller Elem, Mills Elem, Mohawk High, Monmouth Elem, Monroe High, Monroe SD 1J, Montclair Elem, Mountain View Elem, Mountain View Middle, Mt Vernon Elem, Mulino Elem, Myers Elem, Myrtle Point High, Nancy Ryles Elem, Neah-Kah-Nie High, Neah-Kah-Nie Middle, Neah-Kah-Nie SD 56, Nehalem Elem, Nestucca High, Newbridge High, Nixyaawii Community School, North Bend Sr High ,North Columbia Academy, North Douglas High, North Gresham Grade, Oak Grove Elem, Oak Hills Elem, Oakdale Heights Elem, Oakland High, Obsidian Middle, Ocean Dunes High, Ochoco Elem, Ogden Middle Optimum Learning Environment Charter, Otto Petersen Elem, Paisley School, Paisley SD 11, Parkside Elem, Patrick Elem, Pelican Elem, Pendleton High, Pendleton SD 16, Philomath Middle, Phoenix High, Pine Creek Elem, Pine Creek SD 5, Pleasant Hill Elem, Pleasant Hill High, Pleasant Hill SD 1, Plush Elem, Plush SD 18, Ponderosa Middle, Powell Butte Community Charter, Pringle Elem, Quatama Elem, Rainier SD 13, Raleigh Hills Elem, Raleigh Park Elem, Redmond High, Redmond SD 2J, Reedsport Community Charter School, Reedsport SD 105, Resource Link Charter School, Richmond, Ridgeview Elem, Ridgewood Elem, Rieke Elem, River Road Elem, Riverbend Elem, Riverdale Grade, Riverdale High, Riverdale SD 51J, Rock Creek Elem, Rocky Heights Elem, Ron Russell Middle, Roosevelt Elem, Rosland Elem, Sacramento Elem, Salem Heights Elem, Sams Valley Elem, Sandstone Middle, Santiam Canyon SD 129J, Santiam Elem, Santiam Jr/Sr High, Scholls Heights Elem, School of Science & Technology, Seneca Elem, Sexton Mountain Elem, Sheridan High, Sherwood Heights Elem, Sherwood High, South Lane SD 45J3, South Shore Elem, Southridge High, Spray School, Spray SD 1, Springfield SD 19, Springville K-8 School, St Helens Middle, St Paul Elem, St Paul SD 45, Stayton Elem, Stephens Middle, Stoller Middle, Straub Middle, Sublimity Elem, Sumpter Elem, Sunny Wolf Charter School, Sunridge Middle, Sunset Elem, Sunset Primary, Talent Middle, Terra Linda Elem, Terrebonne Community School, Thurston Elem, Thurston High, Thurston Middle, Tillamook Jr High, Tillamook SD 9, Trask River High, Triangle Lake Charter School, Tualatin Elem, Tumalo Community School, Two Rivers Dos Rios Elem, Umatilla High, Umatilla SD 6R, URCEO-Upper Rogue Ctr for Ed Opportunities, Valley Inquiry Charter School, Ventura Park Elem, Vern Patrick Elem, Vernonia Elem, Vernonia High, Vernonia Middle, Vernonia SD 47J, Vose Elem, Waldo Middle, Washington Elem, West Gresham Grade, West Hills Intermed, West Powellhurst Elem, West Salem High, West Tualatin View Elem, Weston Middle, Westview High, White City Elem, Whitford Middle, Whitworth Elem, William Walker Elem, Williams Elem, Winterhaven School, Woodburn Success, Wynne Watts School, Yolanda Elem

Why TELL Oregon?

Only those working with students everyday know the current learning conditions our students are facing. TELL Oregon is an opportunity to ensure policy makers and voters in Oregon have the information they need to make the best possible decisions.  This document is to assist in conversations with members who have questions about the purpose of the TELL Oregon survey.

OEA is a leading partner in  TELL Oregon, which is being administered in every Oregon K-12 public school by the Oregon Department of Education to gather the perception of educators of teaching conditions at their school. For more information on this anonymous, online survey visit the TELL Oregon website at to www.telloregon.org.   During the survey window, the TELL Oregon Help Desk will be available to answer all your questions via phone, instant messaging, or email.

How did OEA get involved with TELL Oregon? 

  • Implementing TELL Oregon was one of the components of the Strategic Action Plan approved by delegates at the 2012 OEA RA.  The purpose of the survey is to allow educators across the state to have their voice heard on the components of the TELL survey, including use of time, professional development, instructional practices and support, facilities and resources, managing student conduct, school leadership, teacher leadership, new teacher support, and community engagement and support.

Why the focus on teaching and learning conditions?

  • Research shows the connection of positive teaching conditions to improving student achievement.
  • Research also shows the connection of positive teaching conditions to teacher effectiveness and retention.

Why is it important that everyone complete the survey?

  • This is YOUR chance to tell school, district, and state leaders about YOUR teaching conditions, in an ANOYNMOUS and safe environment!
  • 50% of certified members in a building must complete the survey or school – level results will not be released (your answers still count towards the district and state responses) ENCOURAGE YOUR COLLEAGUES TO COMPLETE THE SURVEY!
  • Survey questions and results are research based and cannot be pushed aside as ‘just’ information.  The teaching conditions measured in this survey have been shown to be connected to student achievement.

How will the survey results be used?

  • Survey results will provide hard data directly from practitioners that can be used to inform policy makers at the state level and district/building conversations to improve the learning conditions at every site.
  • This data will provide us reliable, researched based data on the learning conditions in our schools which can be used to engage the public in our campaign to create the schools our students deserve.
  • The TELL survey is about building strong building teams that supports positive teaching conditions in all schools, not a divisive tool to be used to single out individuals.

How do we know this is confidential?

  • After each educator has been given their code, they are encouraged to trade codes within their school to reinforce the confidentiality of the survey.