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Trump Budget Hurts Oregon Students

Trump proposes to cut after-school programs, educator development,…

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Republican Dennis Richardson Meeting with Devos

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson touts meeting with…

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Respond to Oregon’s ESSA Plan

Call to Action: Educator Response to Oregon ESSA Plan The Oregon…

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"No child should be without access to healthcare at school."

Natalie Eberhard, High School Math Teacher, Crook County, OR



"I am grateful to be able to work with the students as much as I can for the short amount of time I am with them, but there is still so much more support needed."

Judy Christenson, Education Assistant, Grants Pass, OR

"Sometimes students have parents that are incarcerated. Others have a single parent who is working two or three jobs. In some situations, families are homeless. These stories break my heart because they can cause students to fall behind or develop serious behavioral issues."

Lauren Richmond, Elementary Teacher, David Douglas School District

"Budget cuts will hurt education for our students, families, and communities. Our students won't have the opportunity for a well-rounded education that will prepare them for college or career."

John Scott, Middle School Teacher, Salem, OR

"I believe real world scientific explanations will inspire and motivate students to pursue careers in science and technology." 

April Anderson, High School Science Teacher, Gresham, OR


"Every morning my students wake up and before they do anything else they take care of their child. Then they get themselves ready and their baby ready for a bus ride that can be over an hour long to come to school. Every day they come to class I feel honored by their effort."

Phil Clark, Teen Parent program teacher, Salem OR

"I am currently in my 27th year teaching and my 22nd year teaching Kindergarten. I have experienced class sizes between 20 and 32 students. My students are amazing, full of wonder and curiosity about the world around them and are most very eager to learn."

Cori Swan, Kindergarten Teacher, Klamath County, OR

“I can’t stress enough how important language education is. Learning a second language promotes cognitive development, and it is so important that students have access to Spanish classes in the community I work in.”
Sara Thornton, Spanish Teacher in Springfield, OR