OEA Symposium

2016 OEA Symposium

OEA’s 6th Annual Education Symposium brought together educators and education partners from around the state for a day of deep conversation, questioning, and collaboration. The focus of the day — accountability for student learning and success: a shared responsibility of educators, families and education partners — asked participants to think about what it would take to create the schools our students deserve.

Participants heard from a panel of education leaders that included state policy makers and teachers in the field. In breakout sessions, they looked at what elements that lead to student, school and educator success are in place in Oregon and what could help to improve our system.

Keynote speaker, NEA Vice President Becky Pringle, spoke of the opportunities in the recently passed Every Student Succeeds Act to expand the definition of success beyond math and reading scores. And participants examined the Opportunity Dashboard, discussing what information they want to know about their schools in order to say confidently that they are successful.

Some common themes emerged from the panel questions, breakout and engagement opportunities, and the keynote speaker.

  • Participants believe schools need additional resources to increase student learning including more time for teaching; higher quality professional learning; and more access to materials like basic classroom supplies and curriculum;
  • Meaningful collaboration among all partners including families, students, and community members is pivotal to improve school quality and student success;
  • Positive school climates contribute to increased attendance, reduced disruptive behaviors, and better relationships between students and educators;
  • Teacher preparation, mentoring, and supporting teachers across the career continuum is vital;
  • And all schools, regardless of zip code, need full programs that help prepare students for life after graduation including access to the arts, wrap around services including counselors and school nurses, STEAM opportunities, career and technical education (CTE), and more.

Read a more in depth report of the Symposium breakout sessions and view questions participants had for the education leaders.

For more information about the Symposium, contact the Center for Great Public Schools at oea-gps@oregoned.org.

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