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Power to Our Students

The Summer 2015 edition of Today's OEA is now available! In this…

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Applauding the passage of HB 2655

On June 11, the Oregon Senate passed HB 2655, the Student…

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Turning the Tide on Assessment

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Thank You

Thank you for committing to doing what is takes to raise the revenue we need to support student success. Because of you, we were able to gather tens-of-thousands of commitments for signatures for a revenue ballot measure.

While there will not be a measure on the 2014 ballot, OEA remains committed to building on our collective great work and pursue the additional revenue our schools need – by organizing in our buildings, in our communities, through the 2015 legislative session and all the way to a ballot measure in 2016.

We will not give up the fight for the schools Oregon students deserve.

Oregon remains ranked 49th in the nation for corporate taxation and ranked 49th class size.  We have the shortest school year in the country and are ranked at the bottom of the list for investment in higher education. The consequences are mounting— loss of electives, threats to ESP positions, the creation of a permanently part-time community college faculty and a greater emphasis of testing over teaching.  Educators across the state continue to stand up and say “Oregon Can Do Better”

If we are to reach our goal of revenue reform that works for our schools and Oregon’s working families, we need to continue to tell our stories, build coalitions and keep the pressure on our elected officials.  Below are four quick things you can do now to continue our momentum.

Thank you again for stepping up and getting engaged.  And, thank you for the incredible work you do with Oregon students every day.

Keep involved in the work to lower class sizes in Oregon:

Fill out my online form.